surprise Disney vacation reveal

A Surprise Breakfast Disney Vacation Reveal + Video

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This is the moment I had been waiting a month for. As soon as I found out that we would be attending the Disney Social Media Moms Conference this year, I planned and plotted how we would tell the kids. Maybe a scavenger hunt? Nah…too time consuming.

mickey mouse pancakes

Maybe, we would tell them on the morning of the trip? Nope. It was getting difficult enough hiding clothes and Amazon boxes around the house as it were. Why would I extend the torment on myself any further? In the end I just went with a good hearty pancake breakfast.

Bacon, eggs, pancakes, a side of some Disney friends and pixie dust fun. It was a fabulous idea…or at least I thought.

That’s before I ran out of time and decided to reveal our surprise trip to Disney World early yesterday morning right before we left for church. Blame it on the fact that the kids were truly sleepy. Blame it on the fact that they travel a little too often for their own good. But, lets just say that my dynamic duo lacked pizzazz in their reactions. Don’t they know that surprise Disney vacation reveals do really well on YouTube?

Sheesh. Tough crowd. To be fare, after the camera was off, and the pancakes were in their bellies my daughter did ask some clarifying questions about the Disney World Vacation.

Rain Drop: “So are we going to Disneyland or Disney World?”

Me: Disney World.

Rain Drop: “Oh…great because I haven’t been to Disney World since I was two. This way I can remember. And what is a cruise again”?

Me: A cruise is when you get on a big ship with games and entertainment and sail to one or more destinations.

Rain Drop: “That sounds like fun. Mom, how did you get Mickey’s ears to stay on the pancakes like that? That was really cool”.

mickey mouse pancakes

Watch my video reveal to see how it all went down.

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