7 Things You Should Know About Bermuda + Video

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Bermuda. What can I say? You you are beautiful, charming and yet mysterious. Who hasn’t heard about the Bermuda triangle. To this day, I know many people who wouldn’t dare give Bermuda a chance. Actually, I once heard a surgeon say that he believed that if he took a plane to the Bermuda that aliens would cause the plane to disappear. True story.

I hesitate to write this post because once I do, you will probably go ahead and book a trip to Bermuda. My secret will be out and you will claim my spot on the gorgeous pink sand. But enough of the delay, here are seven things that you should know about Bermuda.

Things to Know About Bermuda

Fish Chowder

Along with cassava pie and fish cakes, fish chowder is a specialty in Bermuda. It’s served in a thick broth and although it’s not for everyone, consider giving fish chowder or any of the other Bermudian specialties a try.

Not in the Caribbean But Feels Caribbean

Technically, Bermuda is not in the Caribbean because it is not washed by the Caribbean Sea. But, as someone born and raised in the Caribbean, I can say that Bermuda is the most Caribbean “non-Caribbean” island I know. As a matter of fact, many Bermudians have ancestry that go back to islands like St. Kitts. The food chocked full of Caribbean favorites and I felt right at home.

Churches on Every Corner

I once read somewhere that Jamaica has the most churches per capita outside the Vatican. If that is true, Bermuda must come in a close second. Let me put this way, if you’re visiting Bermuda on a Sunday you might as well bring your church clothes too. There are several options.

No Rent a Cars

If you’re one of those people that likes to rent a car while on vacation, you’re going to have to do something else. On the island of Bermuda, there are no rental cars. The decision by the Bermudian government to not allow rental cars is said to have something to do with preventing congestion on the island. Whatever the reason, if you want to get around the island on your own, you’re going to have to rent a scooter or get a taxi.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are really a thing. So think about packing a pair or two. Some for him and some for you.

Take a look at some of these Bermuda Shorts for your guy.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

stalagmites and stalactites Crystal Caves Bermuda

If you’ve never seen stalagmites or stalactites then you’re in for a treat. At the Crystal and Fantasy Caves, admission will allow you to see both. Think of stalagmites and stalactites as beautiful God made crystal ice chandeliers.  Wear comfortable shoes as the Crystal Caves are 83 steps down and eventually back up, with the Fantasy Cave tours being slightly longer. The stairs can be wet at times so be careful. Wearing rubber soles are recommended. Younger children can be held but, no strollers are allowed.
moms and kids on beach in bermuda

Bermuda Cricket Cup Match

Cup Match is a 2 day public holiday in Bermuda that takes place at the end of July. During that time, the island shuts down. Cricket matches are played, food is served and people party. Beaches are filled with tents, tunes and people. You can experience some of the sights and sounds of the Bermuda Cup Match by watching my Facebook video below.

If you’re thinking about a trip to Bermuda, I highly recommend the Fairmont Southampton. Friendly staff, great food and beautiful accommodations. I even spotted a certain A-lister’s husband at the hotel. Hint: Her stage last name rhymes with “teas”. He was super cool and give our kids’ high fives.

While in Bermuda, I met people that were visiting for the first time and others that had been visiting for 30 years. But, no matter who they were or where they came from, everyone shared the same sentiments…

They’ll be back for more.

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