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“Lisa has a great eye for detail, style and content. Her posts are well laid out and the content engaging and informative. The photos are stylish, detailed and well coordinated. The posts are well thought out, layout pleasing to the eye and easy to read. ”

“Lisa is a master at taking the important elements of your concept and crafting and emotionally strong message”.

Here are some reasons you may want to contact me.

1) Brand sponsorship and ambassadorships: I love working with brands that align with my lifestyle and values and ones that my audience would find interesting. Send me an email ( Let talk.

2)TV Guest appearances/Panels/Live Stream Events: I love getting in front of a camera. National TV, local segments, live streams… I’ve done it. Do you need a fresh face for your ad campaign or online marketing? Sounds like fun! See more of my TV appearances  and videos here. Then, email me. (


3)Instagram: I love Instagram and you can find me there almost all the time. Email me about an Instagram partnership. Let’s create something beautiful (Lisa@theDomesticLifeStylist).


4)Travel Blogging/Media Stays/Travel experiences: Do you You have a hotel, time share or other travel experience that audiences need to know about. Bonus if it’s family friendly or has a health and wellness spin. Send me an email. Travel is what I do.


5)Events: I live in the Washington DC metro area (This includes Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia). Health and wellness events, speaking engagements, family events, fashion shows, movie screenings/premieres, spa & wellness events. If your event is a match, I am also willing to travel. Email me: (


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