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8 Ways that Amazon Helps Me Be a Better Parent

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It’s no secret. I love shopping at Amazon. That’s the reason I wrote, “Why you should sign up for Prime“. But besides Amazon Prime, I’ve discovered something else. Amazon helps me be a better parent. Laugh if you want to but by the end of this post, you’ll want to know how Amazon can help you be a better parent too.

amazon mom shopper

    1. Let’s Me Know Which Books to Buy Amazon Sends Out Lists Like “The Best Children’s Books of the Year“. This list is the best because it’s broken down by age groups. I see lots of gems on here that we haven’t read yet so I’m super excited. Let’s not forget you can buy books about how to become a better parent like, “The Conscious Parent” by Dr. Shefali Tsabary.
    2. Breaks down the Best Toys to Buy Age Group by Age Group First let me say, we have tons of toys at home but even so, if even if I wanted to buy a gift for one of my children or for kid’s party, I know already know where to look and what to buy.
    3. Amazon Let’s Me Subscribe and Save Although none of my children are in diapers anymore, I love that on you can subscribe to and save 20% on diapers My subscribe and save items allow me to spend more time with my kids and less time at the store. My Amazon subscribe and save items include: Kind Dark Chocolate Bars, Tide Smart Pouch and Viva Coconut Oil. For those items that I’m not subscribed and saved for, free 2-day shipping is a boss.
    4. Prime Pantry Helps Me Keep All the Healthy Kids Snacks Stocked. I’m talking about Kind Nut Bars, Go-Go Squeeze, Bare Banana Chips, Almond Butter and more. These are our staples and helps me look like their super hero. I don’t plan to run out.
    5. Read all about my 21 healthy snack favorites that you can feel good about serving your kids.

    6. Saves Money on School Supplies helps me get the best deal. We home school year round, so we start and finish book all throughout the year. Amazon, has a wide array of books, supplies and lots of stickers to keep us motivated all school year long. By the way, we love these stickers!
    7. Music and Tantrums Don’t Mix I love music. And since Prime Music gives members access to over 2 million songs I just can’t get enough. I don’t know about you but, when one of my children is throwing a tantrum, Prime Music help us bring it back to center. This not only works for kids, but for adults too. The therapeutic benefits of music just can’t be denied.
    8. Family Movie Night with Amazon Video. Cuddle up with your kids for a family movie night with movies like Matilda which are included in Amazon Prime membership. Keeping a running playlist means that you are never wondering about what to watch.
    9. Prime Now

      I’m beyond excited about Prime Now, also known as Amazon Fresh. If you don’t know what Prime Now is, let me clue you in. Sometime last year, Amazon made big news when they acquired Whole Foods. Many people were uncertain about what that acquisition would bring. One of the things that came with the deal is Whole Food grocery delivery. But like anything else, the roll out of Whole Foods grocery delivery started in major city markets first like New York and San Francisco. As excited as I was about the possibility of having healthy foods delivered to my door, I waited and waited but sadly that delivery service never came to my area until a month ago.

      Honestly, I never thought that I would be the one to have my groceries delivered. I actually really enjoy grocery shopping. Even with our busy travel schedule, roadschooling, my tv appearances and our businesses, grocery shopping is just one thing I didn’t want to outsource.

      But as the temperatures started to drop, I wished that Amazon Fresh and Prime Now would become available in my area. I’m an island girl and the cooler it gets, it becomes harder and harder for me to head outdoors. And then earlier this month it happened. I logged into Amazon Prime and there it was. A deal to save $10 off my first Whole Foods grocery delivery. Not too long after that, my virtual grocery cart was filled to the brim with health grocery favorites that I buy all the time. The next morning, the groceries were sitting on my doorstep, carefully wrapped and bagged.

      Game changer!

      Here’s the actual video of that first Amazon Fresh order, what I thought and what I bought.

      It’s nice to have another option for times when the temperature is just too cold or when life prevents me from grocery shopping. Such a sanity saver.

      Do you need any more reasons to sign up for Amazon Prime?

      If I could give any mom a piece of parenting advice, I would say sign up Amazon Prime. It’s like your own personal assistant. Amazon Prime gives access to great tools and allows you to buy back time to spend quality time with your kids.


      You need a break and obviously you deserve it.

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    December 17 2016. Updated October 2018.

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