Hey there! I’m Lisa. So awesome for you to stop by. Stay a while, won’t you and get know the person behind The Domestic Life Stylist.


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A blurb about me.

I am so glad that you are starting this journey with me. I was born and raised in the Caribbean but have a style that is all my own. I now live in the Washington DC metro area with my family of four (which includes a 3 and 7 year old) and we are a homeschoooling bunch. Dad is often the one behind the camera.

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mom and kiddies going for ice creamI’ve always found my bliss in food, travel, fashion but my childhood crush on science led me to pursue a doctorate degree in pharmacy. Fast forward a few years and I still enjoy talking about health, but my passion is wrapped around where I’ve always found my bliss.

I did a few small pageants back in the day, so I don’t mind striking a pose.

Black and White in France
Black and White in France

Talk to my mom, and she will tell about the time that I ordered a lobster tail on my 12th birthday or how I used to throw together gourmet salads in grade school.

Most days I try not to take myself too seriously and my “fish face” is second to none.


And then there’s travel (aahhh)…well I have always traveled in some capacity almost all of my life. But, mainly on this blog you can read tips and ideas on how to “Live Life with Finesse and Style”.

I share those tips through my original recipes, lifestyle posts, fashion round ups, videos and more!

I enjoy my role in our Washington DC area home and do so with a savvy chic and modern twist because life is more fun with elegance and flair.

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I call it Fine Living.

See my Media/PR page.

The Domestic Life Stylist

The purpose of The Domestic Life Stylist is to cultivate a lifestyle around fine living. I want to share my love of fashion, healthy food and travel with you. On the Domestic Life Stylist, you will find pages tailored to Food Style, Lifestyle, Family Style, Travel Style, and My Style.  Looking for a bit of island flavor? Pop into the Island Style section for travel tips, hotels, culture and of course food.

striped black and white dress

Top 10 Facts

  1. I’m a a real food (now) gluten-free foodie. Say that ten times fast. .
  2. A huge fan of making the ordinary, extraordinary…that’s what makes it Fine Living.
  3. Top home management tip: Get the kids involved from early on. I don’t discriminate against small hands either.
  4. If Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray and Samantha Brown could merge into one woman, you would call her me! But then again, I am not really a crafter.
  5.  Have a Bachelors in Science and my Doctorate in Pharmacy.
  6. At one point, wanted to be a hurricane hunter; since then I’ve grown up some.
  7.  Is a “planner” by nature. Not having one, drives me nuts.
  8.  Is a travel enthusiast. Recent itineraries involved: Bali, Milan and the London.
  9.  Hates when people try to put me in a “box”. Having multiple interests is what makes humans unique!!! My “boxes” include Child of God, wife, mommy, pharmacist, island child, Life Stylist, ex- pageant queen, yada… yada… yada…
  10.  Lives by the mantra: Live Life with Finesse and Style and hope that you will too!

The Domestic Life Stylist was voted in the “top 25”  home management blogs 3 years in succession and apparently, I am one of the “Coolest DC Moms to Follow” on Instagram.


It’s how to tell people who you are without having to say a word. Take your fashion up several notches with my Free Resource Guide.


new york city

The gift of travel is the gift that keeps giving.



Indie Parenting. Intentional Parenting…or something like that. All I know, is that I’m trying to figure this out too.




grilled peaches with honeyTasty food. Real food. Beautiful food. I eat with eyes as well as my mouth. Don’t you?

Life is what you make it. So why not amp it up and live passionately, beautifully…creatively. “Live Life with Finesse & Style”.

Let’s Work Together

If you want to know more about how we can partner on PR opportunities/reviews or brands we have worked with in the past, please contact me. Take a look at my Media/PR page.

I love to work with brands that are family oriented and focus on:

  • Travel
  • Real Food
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Health
  • Parenting
  • Anything that brings finesse & style to everyday life and to the home.

leith crepe trapeze dress 4 felt hat

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That way you won’t have to miss another post.  Plus, we have monthly giveaways. Yay!

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