Tea Time: A Day in the Life of a Health & Wellness Author

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take a peak into someone else’s life? If so, you’re in for something special. Here’s a quick peek into a day in the life of a health and wellness author.

OK, I’m going to start out by saying that, like you, I do many things. Some of my titles include content creator, online shop owner, recipe creator, homeschool educator and health & wellness author. That’s just some of it.

Life is full.

The crazy part about it is that my family is an entrepreneurial, homeschooling bunch…so any two days can look very different.

Over the years, people have asked me questions like what I eat for breakfast or what a typical day looks like.

Here’s a secret, there is no typical day.

So last week, I decided to take a quick snap shot into a random summer day. This post is a journal of sorts. So if you’ve ever wanted to know what life looks like behind the scenes. Here’s a microscopic glimpse of a day in the life of a wellness author and content creator.

Morning Routine


  • Wake up
  • Morning hygiene followed by 20 calf raises and 20 leg lifts.
  • Devotion and prayer.
  • First beverage of the day- water, apple cider vinegar and the juice of half a lemon.


  • Power on my computer, read emails and look for editorial opportunities.
  • Check for social media messages that may have some in over night.
  • Check in with lifestyle news shows for any trending topics.
  • Based on the content in trending topics, I decide that I would re-share a reel that could resonate.
  • Takes me a while to find the video that I am looking for.
  • I’m not in the mood to create a new reel right now.
  • Re-posted a short video on TikTok and Instagram. Also shared on LinkedIn, Twitter and my Insta stories.


  • The rest of the family finally wakes up.


  • Updated my Amazon storefront links with new content. Writes email to my subscribers. You can sign up here.


  • Enjoys first cup of tea.
  • This cup is infused with fresh basil from the garden and a scoop of my favorite collagen.


  • Checks status of vendor account for my book.



  • Unpack order. Today I received rockfish, pacific cod, sockeye and halibut. Ordering my wild seafood online ensures that I get the best quality and a healthy dose of fresh omega’s every week.
  • Unpacking the order reminds my that there is leftover cooked fish in the fridge from last night’s dinner. I take it out. I may eat some later after a quick workout.


  • Reviews information for a local author event. I may sign up. I start exploring promotional information for the event. After going back and forth with the facilitator for about a week, I decide that it’s a “yes”.


  • Counts book inventory on hand and figures out how many more I need to order for two upcoming events.



  • More water. This time I add some phytoplankton drops to my flask. It’s a definite revitalizer and energy booster.

Afternoon Routine


  • Checks email again. Vets for marketing opportunities.



  • Has impromptu safety lesson with children about why they shouldn’t put foil paper in the microwave.


  • Responds to query about “energizing morning routines”. Being quoted in online news outlets and newspapers is super important in my industry.

12:20 pm

  • Hops on the treadmill for 25 minutes. Incline 10, speed 3.8. I put on a blogging podcast and the time whizzes by. I’m working on making this a six figure blog. We’ll see how that goes.


  • One of the kids made me some eggs. I hop off the treadmill and head to the kitchen. To the boiled eggs I add last night’s leftover fish, fresh homegrown sprouts, olive oil and Himalayan sea salt. I headed outside for some fresh air and sunshine.
  • A bee joins me. I observe it closely as it floats from flower to flower between bites. I can’t help but think that that worker bee is me.
  • I head back inside for my first set of supplements. Today it’s vitamin C, liquid digestive support and my probiotic (for now).
  • Now it’s smoothie time. I decide to blend some frozen blackberries, blueberries, banana, green peas and coconut milk. It’s similar to my green pea skin brightening smoothie.
  • Smoothies for everyone!
  • I follow my smoothie up with vitamin D and vitamin A.


  • Checks emails for any good afternoon pitches. Spots a query looking for a health expert’s input on cinnamon. The deadline is in 20 minutes. I scrap everything else and finish up the pitch by 2:29pm.
  • It took much longer than I thought. I hope that they accept it.


  • Get returns ready for Amazon and it’s time for more tea. This time I go for tulsi ginger and basil.
  • Heads to the store to take back returns and get the kids some new library books.
  • Back home just in time for my kids’ piano practice.


  • Reading and reviewing contracts.


4:20 pm

Evening Routine


  • My kid has karate and we check in to class.


  • After karate, we head to a local summer outdoor concert. I make sure to take my new foldable chair because it’s a great opportunity to film a review video for my Amazon storefront.
  • I wrap up just in time to enjoy the concert.


  • The groom grabs some food from a nearby spot and we have dinner along with our concert. Tonight it’s chicken, fries, and mashed green peas that I didn’t have to cook.
  • The kids grab some popcorn from a nearby vendor and I have a handful.


Back at home.

  • I put on the kettle for evening tea.
  • The kids are having store bought gf cookies. The adults are having a slice of my new banana bread recipe and it passes the test. Post and recipe coming…



  • I check into social media and email one more time.
  • I’m supposed to record a voice over for a video, but I’m too tired now.


  • Logging off, shutting down.


  • Getting into my nighttime and hygiene routine.
  • Finish off with 20 more half raises, 20 leg lifts and a mixture of various abdominal floor exercises.
  • Winding down…going to sleep knowing that I’m proud of what I did today and plan to work on my keynote presentation tomorrow.

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