How to Make the Perfect Heart Shaped Pancakes + Video

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Valentine’s day is not too far away and if you’re making breakfast, heart-shaped pancakes are just the thing to make the day extra Valentine’s Day breakfast extra special. I’ve tried several different methods for making the perfect heart-shaped pancakes but, this method is the easiest and yields the best results by far.

Trust me. I’ve tried several times. You would think my family would be tired of these chocolate chip pancakes by now. But nope…I keep making them and they keep eating them.

How to Make the Perfect Heart Pancakes Collage

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Steps to Make the Perfect Heart-Shaped Pancakes

1) Mix together ingredients of pancake batter of choosing. I highly recommend this chocolate chip pancakes recipe.
2) Spray preheated griddle and heart-shaped cookie cutter with non-stick cooking spray
3) Use a ladle to scoop batter onto the griddle (fill the cookie cutter about 1/4 the way).
4) Once bubbles start to form in the pancake batter, use a wooden skewer and gently run it along the inside of the heart-shaped cookie cutter.
5) Flip the pancake over after about two minutes and complete cooking on the other side
6) Use the skewer to remove any excess batter from around the hearts

Chocolate chip heart-shaped pancakes are the perfect Valentines Day breakfast for kids. Plus…Valentines Day falls on a weekend this year. So no excuses. These ham and egg breakfast cups are also super cute and would be fabulous for Valentine’s Day Breakfast.


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