Snowball delight smoothie

Snowball Delight: A Dairy Free Smoothie for the Holidays

Are you looking for a new recipe to celebrate this holiday season? Try this recipe for snowball delight, a dairy free smoothie written my a 10 year old healthy foodie. I have been trying to figure out if I should hit publish on this recipe or not, but here we are. My 10 year old […]

What You Need

How to Order a Turkey Online

This has certainly been a year like no other. People are doing things that they never thought they would, like having drive by baby showers, homeschooling and ordering everything we can online. In preparation for a distant Thanksgiving, here’s how you can order a turkey online. When it comes to online shopping, people don’t need […]

Delicious Clean Eating Sweet Potato Recipes

We’re officially in the season of sweet potatoes and if you like sweet potatoes like me, this is just where you belong. Here are some of the best clean eating sweet potato recipes that you’ll find. They will make your taste buds happy as well as meet your dietary needs. Clean Eating Sweet Potato Recipes […]

Best Immune Boosters for Kids

Are you having problems with your kids’ getting sick with every germ and bug that they’re exposed to? It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s a list of tried and tested immune boosters for kids. Children are the apple of our eyes. As a result, we want to do the very best for them […]