9 Natural Cold Remedies that Really Work

It’s that time of year and the “cold” is definitely in the air. Frigid air abounds and cold germs patiently await. The cold and flu season comes around every year. Everyone hates it. But for some reason it returns year after year. Despite having a clinically trained background, I usually reach for natural cold remedies before I forge […]

10 Best Devotionals for Women

The best devotionals for women do more for us than simply give us daily Bible verses and prompts. They reach deep inside of us and get to the root of everything that makes us who we are and who we want to be. In my opinion, good devotionals are one of the best self care […]

End of Season Summer Hosting Guide

Say it isn’t so. The unofficial end of summer is already here. Just in case you’re looking for one last ditch effort to get together with some family and friends while the weather is still good, here are some entertaining summer picks you don’t want to miss. Farmhouse Style 3 Tier Rustic Tray (Versatile serving […]

Amazon Prime Day: Shop My Top Picks

This is not a drill. The 2022 Amazon Prime Day sale is here. It’s the sale that we’ve been waiting for all year. It’s the sale that will help you get your style together, your Christmas gifts in order, and put a much needed upgrade on those small appliances and electronics that you’ve been meaning […]

Where to Buy Houseplants Online

I just love houseplants and if you you’re not a fan just yet, maybe I can convince you to get a few. There are a plethora of health benefits to having houseplants. Everything from cleaning the air to bringing a sense of calm and serenity to your space. And, there are houseplants for every type […]