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Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams, BS, Pharm D is a clinically trained pharmacist turned holistic wellness expert, author, speaker and wellness motivator. As the founder of The Domestic Life Stylist, her background in science and passion for natural health is evident in her holistic recipes and wellness articles that have been crafted to support the body's natural ability to heal. The media spokesperson has been a guest expert and shared her wellness recipes on numerous TV, news and online publications including the Dr. Oz Show, ABC, NBC, FOX, Women's World Magazine and much more! Her book <a href="">Be FINE: Your Drug Free Prescription to Age Well, Beat Bulge and Stop Disease</a> is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more . All recipes are expertly written, nutritiously crafted, kitchen tested and family approved before publication.

Best Mexican Zucchini Soup

Mexican zucchini soup is a healthy low calorie soup recipe chocked full of vegetables that is super easy to make. The best part is, this delicious soup comes together in just 20 minutes.  Why You’ll Love This Mexican Zucchini Soup If you like soups, then you’ll love this flavorful soup. When it comes to easy […]

Seasonal Allergy Lemonade

All you need is five simple ingredients to make this seasonal allergy lemonade for huge relief this allergy season.  ​Whether it’s you or someone you love, millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies. For example, a pollen allergy can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors and events with family and friends no matter what […]

Tea Time April 2024

It’s finally April and I’m bringing you another month of tea time. This time with actual tea. Read below and let’s get into it. Speaking of tea time, before I get into this month’s post, I decided to try a new brew in my cup, thanks to a “new to me” brand, ILOLA for sending […]

Delicious Paleo Carrot Muffins

These delicious Paleo carrot muffins are a tasty and wholesome snack that will blow you away. Includes an optional dairy free cream cheese frosting that is simple, delicious and easy to make. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is a very popular recipe. Leave it up to humans to take vegetable and bake it into […]

Easy Celery Cucumber Juice

Celery cucumber juice is a healthy green juice recipe prepared with just a few ingredients. Made with organic produce, the juice is the perfect combination of whole fruits and vegetables like celery stalks and juicy cucumbers for a natural and healthy and nutritional boost.  Celery and Cucumber Juice Benefits Drinking fresh juices are a great […]

These 3 Things Can Help with Seasonal Allergies

As many as 60 million people in the United States suffer from seasonal allergies. The sneezing, the scratchy throat, the water eyes. It’s definitely no fun. If you’re looking for some help, these three things can help with seasonal allergies…naturally. When it comes to seasonal allergies, a proactive versus reactive approach is best. But, if […]

Tea Time March 2024

I’m writing this “tea time” on LEAP Day of 2024. Seems appropriate since I mentioned (last month), that I would be doing more “leaping” this year…metaphorically I mean. This time last year I was knee deep in putting the final touches on Be FINE. It feels good to finish what I started. A year later, […]