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Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams, BS, Pharm D is a clinically trained pharmacist turned holistic wellness expert, author, speaker and wellness motivator. As the founder of The Domestic Life Stylist, her background in science and passion for natural health is evident in her holistic recipes and wellness articles that have been crafted to support the body's natural ability to heal. The media spokesperson has been a guest expert and shared her wellness recipes on numerous TV, news and online publications including the Dr. Oz Show, ABC, NBC, FOX, Women's World Magazine and much more! Her book <a href="">Be FINE: Your Drug Free Prescription to Age Well, Beat Bulge and Stop Disease</a> is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more . All recipes are expertly written, nutritiously crafted, kitchen tested and family approved before publication.

Tasty Blueberry Chia Muffins

Indulge in the wholesome goodness of blueberry chia muffins. These blueberry muffins are a delightful blend of plump blueberries and nutrient-rich chia seeds, perfectly baked into moist and flavorful muffins. Not only will these muffins satisfy your sweet cravings,  but they are packed with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. They are perfect for busy mornings, […]

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these gluten free, dairy free vegan chocolate cupcakes that are both moist and delicious. These allergy friendly cupcakes are the perfect dessert for Valentine’s day, a birthday party or other special occasion. Treat yourself to this delectable chocolate treat. Why You Should Make These Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Cupcakes Allergy […]

Creamy Slow Cooker Green Chile Chicken

Slow cooker green chili chicken is the ultimate comfort food. This mouthwatering recipe blends tender chicken with a rich, dairy-free creamy sauce infused with vibrant green chilies. Just set it and forget it as your kitchen fills with the enticing aroma, creating a delicious, hassle-free meal. This will be one of your favorite slow cooker […]

Tea Time February 2024

LEAP…that’s the word that suits me this year. Of course, this year is a LEAP year, but leaping is more than just about recognizing as extra day on February’s calendar. Leaping allows individuals to challenge themselves, it allows growth and big transformation in a smaller amount of time. When you’re “leaping” you push and do […]

Best Creamy Mushroom Hummus

Mushroom hummus is a unique spin on a classic dish that is enjoyed by many. This homemade hummus recipe is the perfect health food, has a creamy texture and is ready to be enjoyed as part of your next healthy snack or game day! What is Hummus Hummus is a spread with made legumes that […]

5 Easy Ways to Combat Dry Winter Skin

Dry winter skin is the absolute worst. The itching. The scratching. The cracking. The constant need to re-moisturize. So here are five ways to combat dry winter skin. Dry winter skin can leave your skin is not only irritating but prone to infection. Eventually, all those dry cracks and skin fissures can all allow unwanted […]

Tea Time Jan 2024

It’s been almost 15 years since I started writing my thoughts on a tiny space on the internet, and 13 years since I started this blog. Many of you have seen this space grow and change over the years. And as I continue to evolve as a person, so will this space. This year, I […]