21 Best Father Son Activities to Build a Strong Bond + Video

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Ever since I wrote 21 father daughter activities that will melt you little girl’s heart, I’ve been thinking about a list of father son activities for dads to enjoy. As a matter of fact, the list of father daughter activities as been on of the top posts on this blog for a while now.

After all, the father son bond is also special and will serve as the template by which many boys become men. Hanging out with dad can be more than wrestling and video games. Here are 21 father son activities to form strong bond.

  1. Cuddle with him.
father son activities
  1. Read him a story.
father reading son a story
  1. Teach him how to ride a bike or scooter.
father teaching son to ride a bike
  1. Take him to a baseball game.
baseball game
  1. Celebrate birthdays with special birthday pancakes
birthday pancakes
  1. Take him on a dig.
  1. Take father son pictures.
father son photos
  1. Teach him how to do yard work.
  1. Father son hike.
  1. Get in on some pool time.
father son pool activities
  1. Take him to the National Parks
  1. Share the magic of Disney.
father son activities
  1. Laze in the sun.
  1. Take him to a monster struck show.
  1. Take him to a car show.
  1. Show him how to play pool.
  1. Take him for a day on the town.
  1. Ride with him on amusement park rides.
  1. Teach him how to use technology responsibly
  1. Explore nature.
  1. Document the journey.

Want more? Check out this father son video on Facebook.

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Originally published June 15 2017

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