20 Expert-Picked Supplies for Homeschooling You Need

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Supplies for homeschooling might seem like something you can put on the back burner if you’re just starting your journey in at-home learning. After all, you can just go out and get supplies for homeschooling when you need them, right? Plus, most homes have offices overflowing with paper and supplies.

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In theory, that sounds doable, but seasoned homeschooling parents know differently. The reality is quite different, and it’s actually even more important to be prepared for homeschooling than in a traditional school setting – although if your child is traditionally schooled, you shouldn’t neglect their supplies either.

Why Homeschooling Supplies are Important

Your supplies are absolutely vital to your ability to teach your child and for your child to learn. While public and private schools already have much of what your child needs built right into their classrooms, homeschooling is a completely different ballgame.

Your child will need a space to learn that’s fully outfitted with everything they need to tackle their studies and everything you need to help them. Besides getting the right supplies, the learning environment is also important. Set aside a space for learning at home that will put your child at ease and make learning fun!

How to Create a Fun Homeschooling Environment

Admiring the new focal wall.

One of the products I’ve come across that helps to do this easily is Photowall. They have prints, canvases and wall paper that can help to individualize any home classroom. While I like prints and canvases, what really impressed me was the wall murals.

My son is a HUGE geography buff, and I’ve been looking for a unique opportunity to add more “geographical personality” to his space.

There were so many options on the Photowall site, but we finally decided on a World Political Map. Once you’ve made the selection of what you want, order a wallpaper kit with it for installation. There are YouTube videos online that can help you along.

If you’re NOT a big fan of DIY, save yourself the stress and outsource the task to a professional. That’s what I did. No matter what you decide, I think we can agree that these wall murals certainly make a bold statement.

If you’d like to add some personality into to your child’s learning space or your living space, use my code: lisathedomestic20 for 20% off of, plus FREE shipping!

Homeschool Supplies to Put on Your List

Having all the necessary supplies for your school year helps both you and your child stay organized. It makes it easier for them to stay on task, as well. It’s far easier to excel when you have the right tools at your disposal.

Some of the many benefits of having the proper supplies include:

  • Better organization for the kids
  • Better organization for you
  • Fewer distractions
  • Greater flexibility in the homeschooling curriculum
  • More productive study time
  • Better knowledge retention
  • A more enjoyable learning environment

Essential Supplies for Homeschooling

So now that you know why having your educational ducks in a row is so important for a productive homeschooling year, the question becomes what supplies for homeschooling should you choose?

That’s a largely subjective list because every child learns differently, every parent teaches differently and every student is at a different learning level. That being said, there are some core supplies that every parent should have in place when the new school year begins.

These items are simply a starting point. Don’t think you have to stop here or that you have to continue further. Use this list as a guide to building your homeschooling base, and then work your way out from there, customizing your supply list as you see fit to mesh with your lesson plan and both you and your child’s preferences.

1. Electrical pencil sharpener: This model features a large capacity shaving tray and no-stall design.

2. Reuseable Stickie Notes: Having a reuseable area to write timely notes and goals makes it easy for you and your child to stay on track.

3 Wired headphones (I’m not big on wearing Bluetooth devices): From background music for studying to listening to online lessons, these headphones make it easier to do more.

4. Kid’s Backpack: A backpack? Absolutely. Backpacks are perfect for keeping supplies in one place and for field trips.

5. Thin Portable Laptop: Versatile technology like laptops make it easy to learn anywhere.

6. Wooden Study Desk for Children: A dedicated study area makes schoolwork more productive.

7. Organizing Bins and Organizer for Classroom: Organization is key for both parents and children in the homeschooling environment, and these bins are perfect for storing supplies.

8. 3 in 1 Desktop Laminator: Make sure your visual aids last all season with a good laminator.

9. Color Printer with Scanner: A printer scanner makes life easier for both parents and students, and color is always the way to go.

10. 3 hole puncher: We live in a digital world, but many parts of education are still analog. This puncher is perfect for storing papers in binders.

11. Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier: Essential oils are great for relaxing in the evening and staying focused and energized during the school day. Choose your oil for your needs.

12. Bookshelf: Whether they’re storing young adult fiction novels, picture books, or homeschooling papers, a bookshelf should be in every child’s homeschooling space.

13. Label Maker: These are perfect for both parents and children, allowing the better organization of curriculum materials and homework.

14. Lap desk: A lap desk offers greater flexibility for your child’s school work. Ditch the desk from time to time and set them up on the couch or outside if you’re doing natural science.

15. Adjustable Telescope: Whether you have a future astrophysicist on your hands or you’re just doing a solar system lesson block, an adjustable telescope helps make learning more fun and approachable.

16. Family Atlas and Reference Guide: An atlas is an excellent tool for both parents and students during geography lessons.

17. Standing Art Easel and Chalkboard: It’s important to include the arts in homeschooling curriculums, and this easel makes it easy for kids to stretch their creativity.

18. Mini Video Projector: Set this up in front of a blank wall and let the kids watch educational films on the big “screen”. It’s also great for family movie night!

19. Large World Map for Wall: This one is both excellent for quick reference and educationally-themed decoration.

20. Academic Desk/ Wall Calendar: These calendars make it easy for kids to keep track of upcoming assignments and lessons, helping them stay more organized and productive.

Stock Up on Supplies for Homeschooling Now

Even if you’re behind, you can still find everything you need if you start now. With the above list, you’ll be able to quickly and easily set up your child for success.

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