How to Organize Your Small Closet

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You know those dream closets of famous celebrities that you often see splashed across glossy magazines and TV screens? I don’t have one of those…yet. But, what I do have is an intimate closet that I finally got under control and now I’m breathing a sigh of relief. I believe that most people have small closets with big personalities that need a little taming. No friends, I am not a personal or professional organizer. But these products helped me organize my closet and hopefully they will work for you too.

organize a small closet

So let’s start from the beginning. About 6 months ago, I visited the Container Store and developed a closet crush.

TCS closets Container Store
Closet Crushing

Those closets had me “oohing and ahhing”. But, let’s face it. My closet looks nothing like the magnificent wonder at the Container store. So a few days ago, I finally gave my closet a much needed revamp. After a few days of purging and organizing the closet space, it still looked like this:


disorganized closet collage

Judging from those photos, I’m sure you can tell that I like to play dress up. But enough is enough right? When your fanciest hats and bags are pressed in a heap, you start to get the picture. So I did what any frustrated style maven would do and found myself at the Container Store.

It took about 2 days but this is where I am now.


happy closet

I’m beaming from ear to ear because my closet now reflects me. The biggest purchase you’ll have to make when organizing your closet are new hangers. There are so many choices but I went with these huggable hangers in platinum because they have a velvet feel and are slim, so they maximize space. In a small closet, anything that maximizes space is a huge plus.

I’d say it took about 100 platinum huggable hangers to get the job done.

My closet went from this…(Before)

disorganized closet hangers

To this…(After)

organized small closet 900x600

HUGE difference right? Even my silkiest dress don’t fall off of these hangers. Who would have thought getting rid of all those clunky plastic hangers would make such a big difference.

organized small closet 2

I also got these silver kiva bins to keep my bag collection under control and mainly out of sight. Cute right?

organized hand bags in closet

Letting the top of the bags stick, let’s me see what’s in the bin, without having to take the whole thing down.

Since it’s boot season, most of the boots are on the closet floor. My other shoes are kept in a combination of these clear shoe boxes, some original boxes and hanging shoe bags.

organized small closet

I can’t believe that it’s the same space. Chunky statement jewelry used to be kept in glass bowls but this expandable jewelry tree is so much better.

organized jewelry & scarves

The jewelry tree can swivel and rotate too. It’s worth the $20 bucks to let your necklaces stand out and keep them easy to find.

organized necklaces jewelry

I have more accessories than I care to admit, so I also have an hanging jewelry organizer which hangs nicely in the closet and these expandable jewelry trays which are my new favorite things.

orgnaized jewelry box

I keep my favorite custom jewelry pieces stored nicely and it keeps them easy to find.

organize jewlery 900x600

Now let’s talk about hats for a minute.

This… (Before)

disorganized closet3

was transformed into this… (After)

leaf hat boxes

hat boxes

I’m no genius but these hat boxes are. I instantly fell in for the white and gray details. There are also these Clarity hat boxes, if you prefer to see what’s in your hat box.

organized scarves in closet

I used a combination of clear shoe boxes, scarf holders and empty flower vases to keep the scarves organized.

orgnaized scarves in vase

And that my friends is how I got my small closet organized. Like I said, it’s the kind of thing that puts a smile on your face.

organize your closet final

If putting yourself back on the list is a priority this year, revamping the closet is a definite “do”.

Who knows, you may decide that you want to organize the toy clutter next!

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    Yes!!! It looks fabulous! This is on my to-do-list. As well as the toys. Can’t wait to see your post on that.

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    Looks great! You’re right the hanger purchase is hefty and I’ve already completed that task. However, the bins and jewelry organizers are much needed additions. Also, are your boots on the floor underneath the “short” side of the closet such as shirts/blouses instead of the dresses? Thanks for the post!

  • avatar

    Yes, makes it easy to grab those boots and go. Rooting for you for those bins and organizing solutions.

  • avatar

    Great job! It always feels so good to get things all organized and look pretty too!

    • avatar

      It’s a step in the right direction that for sure and it just feels so good/.

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    Mary H

    This looks great! I also have a small closet similar to yours and I need to invest in new hangers cause mine is a mishmash of all kinds!

    • avatar

      Definitely Mary. Getting all the same hangers is a small change that will have huge impact!

  • avatar

    This is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing at #merrymonday

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