5 Suprising Ways to Stay Motivated with Your Exercise Routine

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The people that love to exercise is a rare breed of people. That does’t change the fact the developing a consistent exercise routine is one the best things that you can do for your health. But after the thrill of the new year is over, how so you stay consistent to your exercise routine. After you’ve reach your goal weight, your milestone birthday has passed or you’ve reach your goal dress size, how will you stay motivated to plug through with a consistent exercise routine. Here are five surprising way to stay motivated with your exercise routine.

Set Up a Fierce Playlist

Itunes, Spotify and Amazon Music are just a few places where you can set up playlists. This work because of two reasons.
1) You’re only allowed to listen to the playlist during working out so the playlist acts as an incentive.
2) Once you select the right types of songs, the music will push you through to the end. If you’re not much of a music lover or just want to change things up, try listening to some podcasts to keep you going.

Join Marathons

People join marathons for many different reasons but, one of the reasons is typically to get or help stay fit. Some people join for the camaraderie, while other joins for the competition, travel, Instagram worthy photos or even the shiny medals. Marathaons are big business. Even Disney has marathons and you get to dress up.

If you’re thinking about joining a marathon or would like to know more about how to get started, check out my friend over at Brooklyn Active Mama she has run several marathons and has great resources to get you started.

Especially helpful, “20 Brutally Honest Confessions About Marathon Training“.

Become an Instructor

There is no bigger motivation than accountability. And there is no bigger accountability than having to show up to teach others at specified time every single week. If you’re thinking about becoming an exercise instructor, Zumba.com gives you all the resources you need to become an instructor while getting and staying in shape.

Gamify It

Have you heard of gamification? Gamification is the process of using prizes, rewards, scores, badges etc to reward people for taking actions or completing certain behaviors. For example, The Biggest Loser TV show is all about gamifying to incentivize individuals to lose weight.

Healthywage is a site that allows “contestants” to win real cash prizes based on weight loss. Find more details on the site.

Be a Source a Inspiration

Once you’re committed to your exercise routine, your friends and family will start to notice. Not just because of the changes in your body but since change begets change, other things like your attitude, clothing (as you get more confident) and your diet will change too. Soon you will be a source of inspiration for others to make healthier choices in their lives. They’ll want to know tips and tricks on how to stay committed, exercises or programs to use and even may want to join you during your exercise routine. That by itself, gives purpose and is motivation to keep going.

And if you haven’t been consistent with your exercise routine don’t worry. Missing a day is not the end all be all. Just don’t get wrapped up in the mistake. Every day is a new day to do something different. This may just be the kick in the pants you need to keep going.

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