Mommy Summer Camp: Ideas to Keep Kids Busy this Summer

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It’s summer time! If you’re looking for some unique ideas to spend time with younger kids this summer that go beyond summer camp, I have a few ideas for Mommy summer camp that you’ll want to check out.

Summer is one of my family’s favorite time of year, but if your kids are anything like mine, they tend to get bored. School is already out for my crew, so it’s a boatload of travel and off to mommy summer camp they go.

Paid summer camps are great. But, if you’re looking for something different, won’t be doing much traveling or want to get a little more hands on with your kids this summer, here are a few ideas you may want to consider.

Typing and Handwriting

During our homeschool academic year, things get pretty hectic focusing on the core subjects. SO during the summers I like to hone on other skills like handwriting and typing or keyboarding. For typing, you can use FREE program like

Good penmanship is nice skill to have. I’ve used this book to teach cursive to my kids. It’s a lost art form you know.

Subscription Boxes

Every child likes getting their own mail. Here are some subscription box ideas that are perfect for young kids.

Activity Trek Kit (sensory toys and creative ideas curated by moms for kids 0-8)

Stem Series Lab Box (stem activities for kids ages 8+ curated in a monthly box)

Picture and board books (a book club for the tiniest “readers”)

Coding Club (No experience is necessary for this coding program. Kids 6-12 can enjoy the experience of learning to code from the comfort of home.


Whether your kids are already play an instrument or want to try one for the first time, there is no better time than the summer to get things going. You can coordinate sessions without the hassle of navigating around the school schedule which makes things really easy.

By the way, summer is filled with summer concert series and art festivals in the community. Many are even free! Check out your neighborhood and community centers and plan on getting out and about.

Vacation Bible School

There are so many great ones out there and you can coordinate them according to your summer travel schedule. Start looking now if you’re interested though. They fill up fast.

Life Skills

Let’s me honest, if you’re going to prepare your kids for adulthood, there are some things they need to know.

Here are some life skills to work on your kids with this summer.

  • Financial literacy
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Yardwork (mowing the lawn, sowing seeds, weeding, helping in the family garden)
  • Cooking

If you’ll be cooking with your kids this summer, here some simple healthy recipes that I’ve made with my kids that are tasty and kid friendly.

Vanilla chia pudding

kiwi key lime popsicles

strawberry cream popsicles (dairy free)

chocolate flaxseed pudding

When it comes to teaching knife skills, this is a great starter knife set for kids. My sonshine loves his.


If you’ve never tried these online classes for your kids, you’re truly missing out. They have everything from math classes to music and artsy to educational.

Art Classes

If your child is strictly interested in arts and crafts classes, check in with your local Michaels. They have free and premium online and in person classes that are worth checking out.

Summer Movies

Apparently the days of $1 summer movies are long gone. Fortunately, spending $2 per ticket at the movie theater is still a great deal.

Check out this listing for discounted summer movies in a city near you.

Will you be doing Mommy Summer Camp with your kids this summer? What kind of fun activities do you have planned?

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    Swimming at a neighbor’s pool once a week was a favorite summer activity for my gang. Our neighbor had a day when friends could come to their house and swim the afternoon away. We brought snacks and towels, pre-slathered kids with sunscreen before we left the house (“If you want to swim, you have to be slimed first” was the rule.) Moms had the opportunity to chat with each other, kids wore themselves out, and everyone went home happy. Lots of happy memories from those days!

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      Dr. Lisa

      This is a great story and also a great reminder that I need to do a better job of getting the kids to the pool this summer. “If you want to swim, you have to be slimed first”. LOVE THIS!

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