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I’m ready! Ready for this, ready for that and all it entails. 2018 is my year of “yes”. Before everyone starts emailing and messaging me at once with “asks”,  let me explain. I’ve been doing the thirties for about 10 years now and it’s been good. I’ve learned, I’ve grown and I’ve stretched.

Getting my Doctorate of Pharmacy…finally. It felt like I was in school forever. I became a homeowner. I became a parent and traveled a lot over the last ten years. Started a business. OK, a couple of businesses. Some worked, some didn’t. Made my way onto TV and so many other things that I didn’t imagine. The thirties rocked for growth. But besides growth, I learned to say, “no”. No to toxic relationships, no to aligning my lifestyle with societal norms, “no” to a job and career I didn’t absolutely love. Stepping into the New Year (2018), more importantly, my personal new year and new decade (hello forties) in May, I decided that 2018 will be my year of “yes”.

Yes, to solo journeys and experiences without feeling guilty about it. Yes to opportunities I typically wouldn’t have considered. Yes to stepping into that woman I am meant to be. Fortunately, I said “yes” to my health a long time ago. Now, I’m ready to take others on that health journey with me.

Well Yes!® These soups are all about saying yes to those moments in our lives. With 14 flavors to choose from, how could anyone say “no”. These soups are made with real ingredients with ingredients like sweet potato, quinoa, and kale.

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In an effort to get you to embrace more Well Yes! moments of your own, I’m going to share one of mine. I recently applied to speak at a Health and Wellness conference earlier this year. I’ve never spoken at a conference before. Nor do I think that I am great at public speaking. The truth is, public speaking terrifies me. But, I applied anyway.  And guess what?

I didn’t get it.

But now, I no longer have to wonder what would have happened if I had applied. I got by answer. And if I choose to, I can apply again.

You see, saying “Yes” to opportunity doesn’t mean that those opportunities will say “yes” to you too and that’s OK.

It’s being open to the possibility that matters.

Taking this step gave me the push I needed to be more deliberate about using my platform not just to only talk about fashion and lifestyle, but to be deliberate in writing about health, wellness and including more healthy recipes too.

After all, the clothing we wear, the places we travel to… none of it matters if we’re not healthy enough to do it.

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