Fall Skincare Tips for Busy Moms

Each new season brings new needs for your skin, so it’s always a good idea to switch up your skincare products when the season changes. With fall’s arrival, you’ll find drier weather, and that means drier skin, thanks to the lack of humidity. A dry climate can really do a number on your face and […]

Summer Hair Styles that Rock!

You’ve noticed haven’t you? I tried to pretend like everything was the same but something has changed about my “hair”. What a difference a year makes. I waved goodbye to relaxed tresses and said hello to naturally me. As for now, this is working for me and when it doesn’t, I’ll probably switch things up […]

What’s Your Favorite Red?

This Thursday is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate love and a day that is “colored” in red. Since most of  the world will be buried in red, I probably will not be wearing it on Thursday. But, being the “girlie girl” that I am, I can always throw on some red lipstick. While red […]