Playdate: Read this Before You Go to the Playseum in Annapolis

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Get behind the scenes of the new BeWithMe Playseum in Annapolis before you visit. What it’s like? Who’s it for? My kids and I had the ultimate Mommy and Me Playdate. Here’s what we did when we went.

On a recent trip, a friend and I had a conversation about what my kids did for fun because she was surprised that most days the television stays off in our home.

“But what do they do?”, she asked.

To which I responded, “School, read, play, travel and various extracurricular activities.”.

She seemed immensely surprised.

Even though, I’m not always great about getting down on the floor and playing with my kids. I do try and make an effort for no devices play.

Being a homeschooling and entrepreneurial family means that sometimes activities get all wrapped up in one. Play cars lay on the couch, near school books and my open laptop with a draft of my latest blog post.

That’s just how we roll. But sometimes you just need uninterrupted play with your children, especially when there are distractions at home. In fact, according to a American Academy of Pediatrics report, “Play allows children to use their creativity, while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive and emotional strength”.

What is the Playseum?

That’s why I was so excited about receiving an invite to the opening of BeWithMe Playseum in Annapolis. It hones in on staying connected and what I call old school play with children. The Playseum has everything from dress up to manipulatives.

At the Playseum, kids can use all five of their senses. It’s all there. From checking in as a patient at the orthodontist’s office, touching slime at the Playseum Science Bar to tasting cupcakes at the Bake Shop. BeWithMe Playseum is all about fun!


The new BeWithMe Playseum is located at 2420 Westfield Annapolis Mall, in Maryland. There is second location in in Bethesda. (Update: The Annapolis Location has since moved)


Once you walk into the Playseum, the first thing that you’ll notice is a check-in desk. That’s where you’ll get your wrist bands and pay admission to play. Admission is $9 per person. There are also memberships available for purchase.

Your paid admission allows for play as long as your kids want to that day. No cut offs.

What to Do?

There are so many options for creating unforgettable memories with your kids at the Playseum.

There are 24 play areas there.  We had a hard time figuring out where to start our “mommy and me” playdate.

I can go through all the details of the playrooms in this post, but I don’t want to give it all away. After all, the element of “surprise” is what makes playing at the Playseum fun.

Imaginative play is the name of the game at Playseum. But just in case you need some help getting into to it, you’ll be happy to know that there are play prompts in every room.

So be on the look out to get some ideas.

I also appreciated the positive messages and bright colors throughout the building. It made for a really positive and uplifting theme. Not only that but if you’re a germaphobe, you’ll be happy to know that toys and surfaces are wiped down every hour by employees.

You can also book your child’s next birthday party here. But inquire about dates as soon as you think you’re interested. I chatted with the owner “Gina”, and it seems like dates were filling up fast.

While you’re having your Mommy Date or Daddy Date with your kids, I want to encourage you put your phones away. Although, I had to snap a few pictures since I was working on a blog post. Ahem…

But all jokes aside, this was a great place for a kids play date. Kids can even use earned or purchased Playseum dollars for experiences at the Art Shop, Bake Shop, Science, Bar and Soap Bar.

Books, costumes and toys are also available for purchase. While we were there, I witnessed several kids crying when their parents told them that it was time to leave. So prep yours with a countdown or you may finds yourself in the middle of meltdown central.

Other things you’ll want to know:

  • The BeWithMe Playseum is not a drop off affair. There’s another option at Westfield Annapolis Mall for that. The business is called, BeWithMe Playseum for a reason.
  • The Playseum is recommended for kids ages 1-11.
  • There are lots of things to try on like costumes and wigs, which make for interactive fun. Depending on your child’s height and size, be prepared to adjust accordingly.
  • Two restrooms are located at the back of the store so no need to head out for bathroom breaks. You’ll also find built-in changing pads for your little ones still wearing diapers.

After the playdate we walked around the mall a bit.

Made googly eyes at nearby fish tank, took them clothes shopping and even stopped into Starbucks for a kids’ temperature chai tea latte. I didn’t even know you could order drinks at Starbucks that way. That way your kids can drink their “coffee” right away.

After our mommy kids’ playdate, my children turned to me and said, “Mommy, this was the best day ever”.

I don’t always get it right.

But on this particular day, I’m grateful that I did.

Watch my video and see what’s it’s like to experience the Be with Me Playseum in Annapolis and then plan your visit.

Are you visiting or do you live in Maryland? Try going to the Maryland Science Center. There’s lots for kids to do. 

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