Naturally Green Kale Mashed Potatoes

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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and it’s time to make something tasty. Of course Pinterest is inundated with “green recipes”. But, the truth is most of those recipes are filled with natural dyes and artificial stuff. And who wants to eat that?

I was racking my brain thinking about what to make and how to make it green for “St. Patrick’s Day”. Not only that, of course it’s important for my kids to like what I prepare to.

I came up with these kale mashed potatoes. They’re really easy to make, nutrition-packed, dairy-free and creamy.

Last year we made this healthy Shamrock shake and it was a hit. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to make some more shamrock shakes this weekend.

To get the recipe for my Irish-inspired mashed potatoes, head over to Toy Insider and get the full recipe. For more green recipes try my sauteed kale with lemon, simple guacamole or fresh green smoothie.

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