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Wellness Travel: 5 Wellness Habits to Enjoy on Your Next Trip

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Wellness habits come in many forms. But contrary to popular belief, staying healthy is more multi-dimensional than you may think. In addition, those habits don’t have to fall at the wayside when you travel. It’s not called wellness travel for nothing. If you’re planning to travel, here are some timely wellness habits to take with you.

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Truly Unplug

I’m starting with what may difficult tip for many. Use the time away on your next leisure trip to truly unplug. No social media (you can post when once you get back), no mindless scrolling on news feeds, no “Candy Crush” or “Solitaire”; just truly unplug from your phone. It’s going to feel odd the first couple of days but, eventually your shoulders will start to relax and those tensions will start to ease.

Eventually, you’ll realize just how much precious time is wasted on mindless scrolling and why being present is not just about being present.

Get a Massage

It’s been a while since most of us have had a proper massage. But what’s ironic is that now is the time we need it more than ever. Massages help release built up tension, ease muscles aches and pains, helps initiate the release of built up toxins, and helps you relax.

Reputable establishments have taken extra precautions to make sure that patrons stay safe.

Not to mention, you may end up having the spa all to yourself.

Take Your Vitamins and Supplements

A planned trip or vacation could also mean that you take a “supplement holiday” as well. After all, breaks are important in every aspect of life. But, during this season of global immune proportions, it’s always nice to have back up.

Inadequately managed stress and anxiety can have dire consequences on the immune system. It’s up to you to zone-in on when you are or you may be in periods of high stress. But, since we can’t plan every aspect of life (hello, 2021), just be prepared.

For me, that means taking along my RidgeCrest Anxiety Free along for the “ride”, just in case.

Get Some Rest

While it may be tempting to plan every aspect of your vacation, if you’re not careful you’ll end up needing a vacation from your vacation. After all, part of the reason for going on vacation is setting aside time to renew and restore. It’s difficult to do that when you have 24 hours of activities already planned. So plan some days to kick up your feet and relax too.


The fun and spontaneity of spending time away from your normal environment, can make it easy to forget to continue to follow your basic wellness habits you have practiced over the years.

One of those wellness practices is staying and keeping hydrated. Depending on where you visit, you may find that your regular 8-10 cups of water gets traded out for things like one to many complimentary rum punches, frozen slushy beverages and after dinner cappuccinos.

Beverages like coffee, tea and alcohol do cause a diuretic effect. So be mindful and don’t do swap for swap. Rather, stick with your normal hydration routine as you would be at home.

If you’re spending lots of time in the sun or having more of an active vacation, you may even want to increase the number of cups of water that you’re drinking.

One more important note, coconut water counts towards your regular water intake. It even has vitamins, electrolytes and natural sugars to keep your energy up while keeping dehydration down.

Bonus Tip

There’s nothing like a little R&R to help you get caught up on reading. While on a recent trip, my only goals were to rest and get caught up on a great book I started months ago.

Not to long after I returned home, I received another gift of reading, the RidgeCrest 2021 Almanac. This almanac is the most requested RidgeCrest almanac yet.

I literally had to pry my seven year old’s hand off to take a look. RidgeCrest Herbals, always the supportive partner, sent me some other fun surprises too. You can get your own copy of the almanac by visiting the RidgeCrest Herbals website.

You’ll find insightful stories, mindful considerations, along with a delightful holiday calendar and even a few comics to get you “high vibing” in the right direction.

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