How to Simplify Gluten Free & Make it Easy

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The number of Americans that follow a gluten free diet is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, it’s been said that upwards of 18 million Americans show outward symptoms of gluten sensitivity. It’s no wonder that there is a 2.6 billion dollar market for gluten free products. Here are some tips on how to simplify a gluten free diet and make it easy at the same time.

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Sticking to a gluten free lifestyle can be challenging, especially if it’s a newer change in your life. Here are some things you can do to make this lifestyle change not a passing fancy, but a lifestyle change that sticks.

Stick to the Food Basics

The majority of people that select to live a gluten free lifestyle are doing it for health reasons. It’s not because they think it’s trendy or want to field a slew of questions from their family and loved-ones during social gatherings.

It that’s you, then it’s important to know that many foods are already naturally gluten free. Some of these naturally good-for-you foods are seeds, nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables and quality protein.

Trying to emulate or recreate an unhealthy diet by solely adapting it to a gluten free lifestyle, will not give you the healthy changes you seek. If the reason you’re subscribing to a gluten free lifestyle is to help you get healthy, it requires a complete mindset shift on what food is and ought to be.

Make Your Home Your Food Haven

Obviously, food is a major component of living a healthy gluten free lifestyle. So it’s important that your home is a safe haven and consists of foods that won’t lead you down the wrong path.

Shopping at Perdue Farms makes it easy to stick to eating gluten free.

Just go to Perdue Farms, click on “Preference” and scroll down. You’ll come across dietary preferences like organic, free range, pasture raised, grass fed and “gluten free”.

While there, you’ll see a plethora of gluten free options to choose from. There is steak, chicken, pork, lamb and more.

In addition, there’s a Perdue Gluten-Free Chicken sampler which includes gluten free chicken nuggets for those treat days or when your kids just want some chicken nuggets.

You can shop confidently because all Perdue products are hatched and raised in the US. In addition, Perdue works with small family farmers that follow strict guidelines and protcols so you know that you’re getting the best products.

Once you’ve taken some time to peruse the Perdue Farms website, I’ve put together a healthy collection of healthy gluten free recipes (below) that you can come back to and enjoy with confidence.

Spicy Cobb Salad with Chicken

A tasty recipe for Cobb salad topped with a tasty homemade spicy balsamic vinaigrette. This salad is so tasty and satisfying, so you won’t miss a thing.

(Products Used: Perdue Grilled Chicken Strips or Gluten Free Chicken Breast Tenders)

Gluten Free Beef Stew

Paired with gluten free bread

A tasty recipe for gluten free beef stew with a robust mixture of herbs along with some delicious island flavor for a chilly day.

(Products Used: Organic Stew Beef)

Confetti Chicken Quinoa Salad

This easy and healthy recipe for confetti chicken quinoa salad is full of both color and flavor. It’s like a party in your mouth.

(Products Used: Perdue Harvestland Diced Chicken Breasts)

Grilled Chicken Pesto

A simple easy recipe for pesto chicken using healthy healthy walnuts and fresh plum tomatoes. This healthy chicken dinner is going to be your new favorite.

(Products Used: Organic Chicken Breast)

So if you’re looking for ways to simplify your gluten free, save and refer to these tips to get on the right track. Shopping at Perdue, is an easy way to stick to your lifestyle goals and get farm fresh, quality and frozen solid premium protein delivered to your door.

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