10 Photos to Capture of Your Kids this Summer

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I’m not sure about you but, I’m hearing whispers from advertisers and marketers about back to school and I’m like…”Uh uh honey. Not so fast”. There is so much of summer still to be had. That’s the main reason that I wrote 100 Family Activities for Your Summer Bucket List. No one, included you should have to run short of ideas about how to enjoy this delightful time of year with the kids.

But as delightful as summer is, it can be easy to get lost in it all. Before you know it, teachers are sending out those dreaded back to school shopping lists. Even if you homeschool, there comes a time when you have to jump back on it.

So to capture the splendor of summer, you have to document it mama. So quick, whip out your smart phone. Here are ten photos to capture of your kids this summer.

  1. On Vacation

  2. So many fun things happen on vacation. But what’s more interesting than what happens is how kids react to it. Take this giant birdhouse in the middle of the Biltmore hotel lobby for example. From the first time Sun Ray saw it he was enamored. This is now a memory that neither of us will forget.

  3. Fruit Picking

  4. kids go strawberry picking

    Whether you and your family go cherry picking or peach picking, there is no shortage of fruits to pick during summertime.

  5. Playing in the Sand

  6. Boys feet in sand

    There is something about capturing kids playing in the sand that is just so simple. So innocent. If you can capture kids being one with the sand, go in hard. Capture them at different stages and compare.

  7. With Dad

  8. Dad works hard. Capture the dynamics of father daughter and father son and watch them grow and change over the years. These are precious memories that everyone will always cherish.

  9. Getting Crafty

  10. Summertime is a great time to break out curated Pinterest projects and kids crafts and have some fun. Watch how your kids get lost in the magic of it all.

  11. Riding their Bike

  12. Whether it’s their first bike ride or they have done it several times before, bike rides are constantly evolving. Bike riding skills improve, bikes change and sometimes races are won.

  13. At the Beach

  14. Show me the beach and I’ll show the quentiessential summer photo opp. Magical beach moments are always waiting to be captured.

  15. At the Amusement Park

  16. Some of my favorite childhood moments involve amusement parks and of course…cotton candy. Bonus because they are so many awesome photo opportunities at the amusement park.

  17. At the Water Park/Water Fountain/Splash Park

  18. Capturing the kiddos near any of these summer hot spots will do. The point is, meet them near the water.

  19. At Play

    Capturing children during playtime is one of the best ways to immortalize summer. Try to capture them outdoors while they’re in the thick of it and have no idea that you’re watching. You get bonus points if you capture a photo of them getting along.

    Telescopic zoom lenses are perfect for these type of photos and help freeze the moment in time forever.

    PS. After you capture all those beautiful photos of your children, you should put them in a photo book like this one. That way all of your summer memories will be in one easy to find place.

    Happy capturing!

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