38 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Me + Video

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It’s my personal new year and I thought I would switch things up a bit. People are interesting. We all have our quirks and things that make us unique. Shoot, I’m still learning more about myself everyday. Be that as it may, here are 38 facts you probably don’t know about me.

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  1. I was born on the island nation of Dominica which I love but, don’t speak the native language.
  2. I have a theme song and believe everyone should have one too.
  3. I like Instagram. Follow me there.
  4. I hold back tears every time I hear Pomp & Circumstance.
  5. It saddens me that most people haven’t figured out that food is medicine.
  6. I adore clean and organized spaces but I dislike cleaning…although I do.
  7. Love my head of hair but I loathe combing it.
  8. Prefer the window seat but, will opt for the aisle depending who my seat neighbors are
  9. Am very reserved and quite the introvert in real life. I know that you don’t believe me but, it’s true.
  10. Think that wearing all white is oh so chic.
  11. As much as I travel, I always over pack thinking of what if’s.
  12. Don’t consider myself much of a reader but am a sucker for self-help books.
  13. Live by the motto, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression”.
  14. Try not to but, I remember every time a person doesn’t honor their word.
  15. Have a thing for granny smith apples and Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter. Oh my!
  16. Think that when people deny their age, they are also denying part of who they are. “Really, you’re celebrating 29 for the tenth time? How cute”.
  17. Fell in love in college and never looked back.
  18. Currently reading, No Grain. No Pain by Peter Osborne.
  19. Used to be a serial pleaser. But I’ve pretty much gotten over that and it’s pissing people off.
  20. File May 17, 9 45 25 PM

  21. Will choose threading over plucking my brows every single time.
  22. May 10th marked 5 years since I started this blog, The Domestic Life Stylist. Yay!
  23. Hate when people say, “You look good for your age”. SHOOT! I just want to look good.
  24. Spent almost 2 months in the hospital because my daughter refused to wait. She still doesn’t like to wait.
  25. We made it through our first school year and now I’m ready to say, “We homeschool!”.
  26. Still not sure what I’m doing with Snapchat. Still, follow me there.
  27. Will not be defined by my age. You shouldn’t either.
  28. I routinely although not proudly, go to bed between 1am and 2pm every single night.
  29. I have a healthy obsession with green tea.
  30. I go back and forth between cutting, coloring and just embracing my grays all the time.
  31. This post, is the most raw and honest post I’ve written. This one, comes in a close second.
  32. I’m a middle child.
  33. Once a horse ran away with me on a beach in the Dominican Republic while I was strapped to his back. I am surprised that I got back on a horse after that.
  34. Knows that perfectly groomed eyebrows complete any look.
  35. Is excited that God Loves me. Everyday. No matter if I deserve His love or not.
  36. I’m a girlie girl and like make-up. I just don’t want people to be freaked out when they see me without it so sometimes I opt out.
  37. Judging from playlists like this one, I’m sure that you can already tell that I love music.
  38. After organizing my closet earlier this year, I’ve managed to keep it pretty much the same.
  39. Today is my birthday (5/18). Yippe! I don’t want to put you out of your way so you don’t have to get me a present or anything (smirk). But, I would love if you would share this post with your friends. Email them. Tweet them. Share it on Facebook, & subscribe to these posts.
  40. chocolate covered strawberries

    Why? Because, I’m asking nicely and…it’s my birthday! *smile*

    Watch the funny video here. Somehow, Elmo is involved.

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    Wishing you a blessed birthday, Lisa!!! I enjoyed reading this post and realizing that we have so much in common. May God continue to bless your life and this blog.

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      Thanks for reading Arlene. It really had a great time. Have a fab rest of your week!

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