Vegan Potato Leek Soup

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We’re getting ready for our first official snow of the season. I’d like to say that’s why I’m cooking like a mad woman. But it’s not true. I always cook like a mad woman. And during the month of January, one of my favorite meals to cook is soup. This time I decided to make potato leek soup. Bonus points because unlike traditional potato leek soups, this recipe is dairy free. By the way, if you haven’t tried any of my soup recipes, now is a good time to pause and save these soup recipes to Pinterest:

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But seriously though, homemade soups are so easy to make. That’s why soup recipes are one of my favorite go to healthy meals, especially during the winter.

I’m lending some of my soup making prowess to the Toy Insider with this vegan potato leek soup. recipe. The kids actually said they prefer it than store bought. They surely know how to butter me up.

Not only is this recipe for potato leek soup vegan but, it’s kid friendly too. After the soup is prepared, just set up the table with various toppings and have the kids pick and choose. We actually topped our soup with baked potato and chives. And since we’re talking about baked potatoes here, obviously any topping that you would put on top a baked potato can be used to garnish this soup.

Ready to get soupy? Head over to Toy Insider to check out my guest post for vegan potato leek soup.

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