Fall Skincare Tips for Busy Moms

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Each new season brings new needs for your skin, so it’s always a good idea to switch up your skincare products when the season changes. With fall’s arrival, you’ll find drier weather, and that means drier skin, thanks to the lack of humidity. A dry climate can really do a number on your face and it will only get worse as winter bears down. Now is the time to get your skin ready to take on those cooler temperatures!

I know you fellow moms can find some time in your schedule to take extra care of your skin. And that’s why we’re going to talk about some of my go-to fall skincare tips for busy moms today. These easy to implement skincare tips don’t take a lot of time, yet deliver big results! And isn’t that what we’re all after?  We want powerhouse products that can change our lives without being total time sucks. Haha!

Use a Gentle Exfoliator

How often do you exfoliate your skin? I recommend doing it at least weekly, but how you exfoliate should change with the seasons. If you’re no stranger to exfoliation, you probably use a heavy duty one in the summer months. During the colder months, you need to switch to a gentler version. I love making the DIY coconut lip scrub to keep my lips looking their best.

This time of the year your skin is drier and more sensitive, so you should baby it a bit. If you see irritation of any kind, take the day off and do not exfoliate! But on the days your skin feels great, go forth and exfoliate gently.

One of my favorite ways to exfoliate is using Dermalogica. I also came across this cool handheld facial cleansing brush at the International Spa Association (ISPA) conference recently. I like it’s compact it easily packs in my luggage when traveling and is great for all skin types.

In addition, his micro-exfoliating cleanser is my new favorite thing. I use just about everyday now. Full disclosure my groom is on a first name basis with the owner, but the stuff is just good.

Check out my video on YouTube, too see some of my other skincare favorites from the ISPA conference.


You could get my use your same cleanser all season long and get away with it. But, if you find that your skin get’s really dry during the fall and winter months, you may want to step things up a notch.

I recently discovered this cleansing balm from Beautycounter and the stuff lives up to the hype. It’s so moisturizing. What’s great is that you can also use the balm as a make-up remover or an overnight mask as well.

Use Sunscreen

No matter what time of year it is, you need to use sunscreen. I mean use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. You’re busy. I get it. Fall and winter might seem like the seasons you can skip a step in your skincare routine to save time. Sunscreen is not the step to skip. Just because the weather is cooler or the sun doesn’t feel as strong, does not mean it can’t damage your skin! My time saving tip is to get a good sunscreen that is gentle on your skin, can be worn all day and comes bundled with a moisturizer. That way you kill two birds with one stone!

Use a Night Cream

Again, a night cream is something you should be using year ‘round, but you can change the consistency with each season. I, for one, use a lightweight cream in the summer and switch to a heavier one when the weather cools down and I need extra hydration. Your skin needs to be as hydrated as possible when the weather gets chilly and those wicked winds come. Wind can wreak serious havoc on your skin. So, after you wash your face at night, apply a night cream and let it set for a few minutes before you get into bed. Nighttime is also a good time to use retinol based creams because your skin will have the hours that you’re asleep to calm down as retinol can be irritating.

If you find that to be the case for you, alternate your retinol based cream with something milder.

One of favorite night creams is from Circadia. They have a nighttime repair cream that is just great. I’ve also been known to use some good extra virgin coconut oil by itself or layer it under my favorite moisturizer in the cooler and dryer fall and winter months. It works like a charm. So don’t feel the need to buy something expensive if that’s not in your budget right now.

Amazon has lots of great hydrating creams with retinol and hyalaronic acid as well for an extra anti-aging boost. These creams below were highly rated.

Try a Face Mask

Face masks are a nice way to change up your skincare routine. Look for products that contain ingredients and extracts of pumpkin for a fragrant start. I really like this pumpkin peeling enzyme masque. It’ll bring new life to your skincare routine.

So, there you have it. Some of my top fall skincare tips for busy moms along with some recommendations of what products to use. But as you know, skin care isn’t just about what you use, it’s about lifestyle habits and what you do. Watch this video to see the other ways to take care of your skin. If they aren’t part of your skincare regimen already, now is the perfect time to add them to your routine! Your skin will thank you.

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Watch this Video for More Skincare Tips

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