Five Reasons Why Your Diet Will Not Work

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In this case, I am defining a diet “that works” by weight loss that can be sustained for more than a year.  Sure people achieve measurable results for a period of time.  But for life changes to truly take place the results achieved need to not only be attainable but sustainable.

Here are some reasons that most “diets” don’t measure up.  By the way, I do not like the word diet anyway.

  • The diet food changes do not suit your lifestyle.  Just because something may work for your friend, does not mean that it will work, or is even a good fit for you.  Make sure that any food life change that you make truly suits your lifestyle. 

  • The plan is solely based on purchased food plans and meals.  Think about what will happen if you went on vacation or your delivered meal plan did not come as planned.  If your new diet is based on this premise alone, then it is not for the long term.

  • Exercise is not a part of the plan.  Exercise is a key component in getting and staying healthy.  If a diet plan claims that you will never have to exercise then you should start running the other way…literally.

  • You are skipping or missing meals.  A sure way to slow down your metabolism is by skipping meals.  Your body will go into starvation mode and start holding on to every calorie it can.  Ever heard anyone say that all they have to do is smell food and then they gain weight?

  • The dreaded “D” word. You are calling it a “diet”.  The word diet in itself has a negative connotation.  Embrace a lifestyle change that will suit you life and grow and change as you do.  A diet is like a short trip, created to get you to the desired outcome quickly.  A lifestyle is a journey, although more lengthy, the results are sustainable and non fleeting.

Make 2012, the year that you take the journey towards better health!

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