Natural Hair Staples to Add to Your Routine

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OK, so I’ve been wearing my hair natural some years now. Sometime after my appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, I decided to cut the permed ends off and fully embrace all my curls.

And as long as I’ve been wearing my hair natural I’ve been warmed by compliments from the very beginning. Currently, I style, wash, trim etc. my natural hair 100% on my own. If I found a person that would honor my time and money, was within a reasonable distance and share my same hair care values, I’d be in her chair in a minute.

Let’s just say that I’m still looking. But, I won’t bore you with that. I’ve tried lots in my hair and my kids’ hair and have gravitated towards some natural hair finds over the years. Many of you have asked me about hair care over the years, and I’ve slowly gotten around to writing a post.

I’m not necessarily saying that these products will work for you. But, you can certainly try and see how things go. I rotate products in and out (depending on need) and this list is not designed to be a finite list.

Who knows?

Next month, I could find a new product that I’m fond of.

But for now, lots of you have asked me over the years so I felt that it was time to write an official post. For the record, I have naturally curly and coily hair.

Here’s what is currently in my natural hair care routine and I think should be in yours too.


Amla oil

Jojoba oil

Avocado oil

Almond oil

Castor oil

I mix these organic oils in an applicator like this one and use it in my hair and scalp.


I typically don’t use brushes. But, when I do, brushes like this are my go to.

Detangling brush (makes hair easy to detangle on wash day)


parting comb (great styling tool)

twist comb ( I use this on my son’s hair. He has a flat top fro)

detangling comb

pick comb (for my son’s fro)



Clarifying shampoo

Conditioning shampoo

Clay wash


Leave in Conditioner

deep conditioner


Daily moisturizer

twisting cream

edge gel

curl cream

Accessories & More

standing steamer (on my shopping list)

water bottle (creates the perfect mist to refresh your hair)

headbands (great style)

sleep bonnet (Don’t sleep on your hair. It’ll dry out your curls)

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