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When was your last Moms’ Night Out? #MNOmovie

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When was the last time that you had a Mom’s Night Out. I don’t mean grabbing lunch with a friend either…I mean A Night Out. Going out during the evening hours is more intentional don’t you think? After all, the evening is when the role of “Mom” shifts into high gear.

Moms' Night Out

Dinner has to be prepared, teeth have to be brushed, bottoms wiped, baths given, stories read, prayers said and on some occasions…the boogie monster needs to me reminded that he is indeed just a fragment of the imagination. My last night out with a girlfriend was in November. I blame the baby. It’s his fault.

We always have excuses, don’t we? Excuses about why we are not more intentional about spending more time living life outside of our homes. But the truth is, that time is so needed.

So last night, I dusted off my heels, put on some makeup and went for a Mom’s Night Out. Lucky for moi I had a prescreening pass (bloggy perk), to see a great movie with a girlfriend.

Mom’s Night Out is about a few moms that desperately need a night out. The film stars Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton, David Hunt and others. This movie will make you laugh, make you ponder, and may even get you a little teary. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I am a little concerned that the writers and directors may have secretly been taping aspects of my life while researching for the movie. Yep, it was that good. Anyway if you are looking for a Mom’s Night Out, this movie hits theaters on May 9 (Mother’s Day Weekend), so grab a gal pal and go.

But, please don’t wait until then to steal some time with a friend. We need each other. Leave the hubby with the kids for a bit and go! Pour into yourself so that you can pour into them.

Here’s the trailer. If you are reading this from your mobile device and can’t few the video, here is the link:


There is not a sponsored post. I just saw a great movie and thought that you may like it.

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