7 Reasons I’m Falling for Fall

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Shhh…I’m going to let you in on a secret. For a long time I didn’t “get” fall. Fall and I were like two awkward pre-teens at a school dance. Since then, some time has passed and we’ve grown some. We actually do more than just get-along and the regular one-step two step. I mean, we “get down”. We have fun! I may just be falling for fall…a little.

    • Apple Picking

I’m hoping that we’ll get around to apple picking this year but I just don’t know. Either way, I’ve been enjoying preparing recipes like this slow cooked apple sauce because it tastes so good.

    • Wagon Pulling

fall blue wagon Not sure what that’s about but kids and wagons go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter if I’m pulling or they’re pulling, it’s all in good fun. I’m just happy that they can still fit in the wagons…for now. fall wagon

  • Fall Fashion
  • I’m still the “sunshine lady” but, I love playing with textures and patterns during the fall months. This is a new revelation for me. So I hope you are enjoying the flurry of fall fashion on the blog. Of course, the fall season is also prime hat weather. Yay for hats and fabulous coats.

    welcome fall


    • Apple Everything

    Oh my, apple everything. And I’m not tired of it yet.

        • Farm Visits

    feeding the goats

    Visiting farms nearby is a definite fall must. Of course, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and petting zoos are the real allure.

    • Hot Chocolate
    • thick hot chocolate 900x600

      Fall weather begets hot chocolate, wouldn’t you agree? Really good hot chocolate is an indulgence for sure but it’s oh so good.

            • Thanksgiving
            • And how can we talk about fall without mentioning Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving and Christmas are absolutely my favorite times of year. A few years back when I was on hospital bed rest, I asked my mom to cook the Thanksgiving meal and bring it to the hospital. This was no small task considering that she lives 1600 miles away!
              I would say that Thanksgiving is my most memorable to date.

              What activities are you getting into or what gets you in the fall spirit? Are there any fall activities that you think I should try?

            • Originally 11/4/15 Republished 10/25/19

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    Lexie Robinson

    Number 7 is my FAVORITE. But I also love number 6. I had my first mug of the season a couple weeks ago and it warmed my soul. Thanks for sharing!

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    Yay to hot chocolate and Thanksgiving

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