Blackberry sorbet

Blackberry Sorbet

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When it comes to summertime nothing says “summer” like berries. And whether you’ve picked the berries yourself or purchased them from a store, an iconic easy summer dessert is blackberry sorbet. The key to making tasty berry sorbets is starting with good quality ingredients.

But once you get the recipe down for making this fruity dessert, you’ll want to make sorbets at home all the time. Sorbets are the perfect summer dessert. I went with blackberries for this frozen treat because black berries are filled with lots of vitamins and nutrition.

Blackberry sorbet

Blackberries have vitamin C, fiber, vitamin K and manganese. In fact, one cup of blackberries has half the daily allowance of vitamin C. Those goodies are what I was after when I decided to make this homemade blackberry sorbet.

This light dessert is low in sugar too! Now, I’ve tasted and even seen other blackberry sorbet recipes around and let me tell you, they might as well call those some of those recipes “sugar rush sorbet”.

The idea that one has to load a sorbet recipe with lots of sugar is just ludicrous. This sugar free sorbet is just as delicious. I used an orange and one scoop of wild honey for the perfect fruity sweetness.

Another bonus of this recipe is that you can enjoy it right away. While the extra sorbet is stored in the freezer for safe keeping, you can enjoy the “fruit” of your labor right after it’s made.

Store any leftovers in these tight fitting ice cream/sorbet tubs. They come in a few pretty colors. I bought three because we’re going be getting our sorbet on over here.

You’ll also find it useful to use a high speed blender to get the texture of the sorbet just right. My blender has a sorbet/ice cream setting so it does the work for me. But, you can make it without that setting.

If blackberry seeds annoy you then you’ll want to make this recipe a little differently. Using fresh blackberries and blending them along with accompanying liquid and pressing the juice through a sieve will get you the seedless blackberry sorbet that you want.

You’ll then have to add any sweetener, heat the mixture, cool the mixture and then freeze, blend or stir and refreeze. If you opt to make a seedless sorbet, take note that you won’t be able to enjoy the blackberry sorbet right away.

No freeze blackberry sorbet recipe

While you don’t need to freeze this sorbet first to enjoy it, you’re going to want to pour any blackberry sorbet that you’re not using right away into a stainless steel pan like this one.

Freeze it for an hour and then remove it from the freezer and stir before refreezing. You have to do this at least two more times, every hour before setting it in for the hard freeze in an ice cream tub.

This step will ensure that your sorbet is not chunky with bits of ice but, nice and smooth for the perfect summer sorbet.

Of course, I recommend garnishing your fruit sorbet with fresh herbs like mint. These flavors go so well together.

Yield: 8-10

Simple Blackberry Sorbet

Simple Blackberry Sorbet

A tasty recipe for blackberry sorbet that's low in sugar and can be eaten right away. If you want a simple blackberry sorbet recipe, this is as simple as it gets. 

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 5 cups frozen blackberries 
  • juice of one fresh orange 
  • 1 tbsp wild honey 
  • 1 tbsp organic vanilla 
  • 1/2 cup water 


Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth. 

Scoop and enjoy. 

If making to enjoy later, pour the blackberry sorbet into a steel container. 

Stir once every hour for at least the first three hours to break up the thick ice that forms, making sure to go all the way to the edges. 

After that, store the blackberry sorbet in a ice cream tub with lid to avoid freezer burn. 



Once you hone in on the technique for making fruit sorbets the options are limitless. Try making homemade sorbets with other fruits like raspberries, strawberries or even mango. 

Do you like fruity recipes? Then try this watermelon lime ice (granita).

blackberry sorbet

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