3 Reasons that You Shouldn’t Let Cars 3 Zoom By You

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The wait is over. Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 has zoomed into theaters and if you don’t hurry you’ll miss the race. Thanks to my sneak peek, I’m going to share some of what I think makes this movie a green light for all.

Lighting McQueen is back but, this time he’s faced with being pushed out of the sport he loves because of some fancy young hot rods. I love how Disney Pixar wrapped challenges we all face with kid friendly themes and lovable characters.

Here are three reasons that you shouldn’t let Disney Pixars Cars 3 zoom by.

  1. Cars 3 is Family Friendly
  2. No brainer…Initially just my son and I were going to go to Cars 3 but at the last minute I switched things up and I’m glad I did. During the movie, I heard loud chuckles coming from my groom during quite a few scenes. Come to think of it, he was louder than the kids. Of course, our little people enjoyed the movie too. Our son finally got to see Lighting McQueen jump out of his book and onto the big screen. Such a special moment indeed.

  3. The Lessons are Many
  4. There are so many tangible life lessons in Cars 3. Some of my favorite would have to be: Never give up and be true to who you are. The new car on the block Cruz Ramirez reminds the ladies that we can kick butt too.

  5. Cars 3 is 3D
  6. There is something so special about watching 3D movies. At least for me, I get a little school girl giddy each time. My stylish seven year old loved watching the movie rocking the cool eye wear. The three year old could have cared less and preferred to wear his specks on his head. But, either way it was enjoyed by both.

    If you’re taking the family to Cars 3 this weekend, print these activity sheets that make the movie come to life.

    Miss Fritter’s corn fritters recipe

    Race to finish board game

    Build your own race course

    Memory card game

    Piston cup maze

    Spot the difference game

    I’m going to print out this Cars 3 memory game first because my little guy has been really into matching games lately and having characters from the movie on the game, is going to make it so much more fun.

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