An Incredible Week and Incredibles 2 Movie

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The week is almost over and so far it has been nothing but incredible. At the top of the week, my groom and I celebrated 17 years of marriage. The time went by so quickly. I feel incredibly blessed to have found this kind of love.

On Tuesday, I jumped on the set of Good Morning Washington to do a segment about the “Misconceptions of Being a Stay at Home Mom“. This conversation was so good and so necessary. I’ve had several TV appearances, but this was the first time that I sat down on the couch and did an interview style segment. I met some cool mamas too!

But, what really made this week Incredible for me…I mean really Incredible, was watching the prescreening of the Incredibles 2 movie. Do you know how long it’s been since the first Incredibles movie? It’s been 14 long years! I wasn’t even a parent 14 years ago. Life and the world was really different then.

We were on a trip to Nashville and I remember seeing the movie during the visit.

Once I found out that we were going to see Incredibles 2, I was so excited. The first thing that I did was head to Amazon to find the original Incredibles movie. You can either rent or buy it. That alone is a great reason to be an Amazon Prime member.

The kids were excited to tune in because they never saw the original Incredibles movie. And I was happy to get a quick refresher on what happened the first time around. The movie wrapped up in time to go to the theater and see the prescreening of Incredibles 2.

And let me just say, I was impressed. The Incredibles 2 movie thrusts Mrs Incredible into the spotlight, a modern mom trying to find that work mom balance. So many of us can relate to that scenario.
You’ll recognize quite a few voices in this movie. Most notably Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone, Holly Hunter as Elastigirl and Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible himself. By the way, I inadvertantly met Samuel and Smokey Robinson last year in downtown DC. Long story, but one I will never forget.

But I digress, my eight year old never blinked for the entire movie. I checked. The 4 year old on the other hand is just really getting into super heroes. He was captivated by all of characters, costumes and “tricks” that the super heroes could do. During the movie, I heard audible laughter escape quite a few times. Especially when it came to scenes with the baby. Speaking of the baby, the film is rated PG. It may have some thing to a few fighting scenes, a coming of age teenage crush story line and a certain red devil…no spoilers.

When is the Incredibles 2 coming out?

July 14th! It would be a great film to see this weekend.

What age kids are fine watching Incredibles 2?

My son is a few weeks shy of 5 and seemed to do fine.

What to do before the Incredibles 2 movie?

Watch Incredibles 1 again. Again it’s been 14 years!

What to do after watching Incredibles 2?

Bring the Incredibles 2 movie fun home by printing these fun activities and coloring sheets.

Mr Incredible


Violet Parr

Dash Parr


At the end of the day I’m not going to drag this on. Suit up! You absolutely need to your family to see Incredibles 2. It took 14 years make the sequel but, Incredibles 2 worth the wait.

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    Lou “MissLouMae” Martin

    I can’t believe it has been 14 years since the first Incredibles! I, too, didn’t have children at the time, but during that time I wasn’t into animated films until my kids were born.

    My girls have seen the first film, and can’t wait to see the new one this weekend! Thanks girl for your review!

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      So glad that you’ll be seeing the movie this weekend. There are lots of surprises for children and adult movie goers. Your girls will definitely enjoy it!

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