daddy and daughter playing ball

21 Father-Daughter Activities that will Melt Your Little Girl’s Heart

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21 Father Daughter Activities

There is something about a daddy-daughter relationship that is so special don’t you think? Today, I am sharing 21 father daughter activities that daddy and daughter can experience together. And if you have a son at home, be sure to read 21 father-son activities to build a strong bond.

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Places to Go

1. Beach

Father daughter activities

2. Playground


3. Sandbox

playing in sandbox, father daughter activities

3. Amusement Park

Things to Do

4. Take a Walk

walk at the beach, father daughter activities

5. Horseback Riding

Hourseback riding, father daughter activities

6. Feed the Animals

goat feeding, father daughter activities

7. Go for Ice Cream

ice cream truck, father daughter activities

8. Travel Together

Travel with dad, father daughter activities

9. Go for a Hayride

hayride, father daughter activities

10. Teach Her ABC’s and 123’s

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Teaching to write, father daughter activities

11. Paint Together

girl painting, father daughter activities

12. Go Swimming

girl swimming

13. Play Dress  Up

Princess dress up

14. Play with Lots of Bubbles

girl playing in bubbles, father daughter activities

15. Take Her for a Ride  Around the Town 

convertible car with baby

16. Bake Cookies

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coconut macaroons

17. Play Ball

daddy and daughter playing ball

Things to See

18. Her First Baseball Game

baseball game

19. A Proper Tea Party

toddler tea party

20. Historical Sights (The White House)

white house, father daughter activities

21. Believe in Her Dreams…and she will believe in them too!

father daughter activities

Shout Out to All the Awesome Dads!

father daughter activities

And here are some great books that any dad of a daughter would love.

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There is something so special about that father daughter bond. Strengthen that bond box that you can do together.

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    Very nice list! A useful post for me being the father of THREE girls! 🙂 I haven’t done about 5 things on this list, so I’ll get to work! Happy Father’s Day to your husband!

    • avatar

      Happy Father’s to you as well. Enjoy your little ladies.

  • avatar

    Oh my goodness, I love all the pictures you have that go with these!!!

  • avatar
    Susan F.

    Such a priceless collection of photos and ideas. Looks like your daughter is a lucky girl!
    My husband has done a lot with my daughter over the years, but a favorite memory and photos were from when she was about 6. They got all dressed up and went to the ballet and then dinner at a nice together – just the 2 of them.

    • avatar

      That is so precious. I love the idea of a dinner and a show.

  • avatar
    Carrie This Home

    Great ideas, Lisa! You have such an adorable family! Your little girl has such a great relationship with her Daddy–you can tell just by looking at the photos!

    • avatar

      You are on point Carrie, they really do!

  • avatar

    Great Post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Visiting from – A Victorious Woman of Faith:

  • avatar

    Great ideas! Swimming is my favorite thing to do with our girls.

  • avatar

    These make great memories. I’m sharing with my FB fans. Stopping by from Motivation Monday.
    The Frugal Ginger

    • avatar

      Thanks for stopping by Ashley and I appreciate the share.

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    Sinea Pies (Ducks ‘n a Row)

    This is one blessed little girl! What a dad ♥

    • avatar

      He’s a keeper, that’s for sure.

  • avatar
    Life With Lorelai

    What a wonderful collection of memories! This is a great list. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we’re looking forward to what you have to share next week. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  • avatar
    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    Hey, Lisa! Just wanted to let you know that we loved your link to the #HomeMattersParty so much last week that we featured it this week! Would love for you to come by and check it out, if you have the time! Happy Friday!!!

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    Lexi Michelle @ Lexi Michelle Blog

    This was such a cute post! Great ideas not just for father/daughter dates but for family outings as well!

  • avatar

    What sweet ideas! The most important thing is just to spend time together – it doesn’t even matter what you do!

    • avatar
      Cheryl Lindsey

      These activities are great, My sons are fantastic with my granddaughters, The thing I’m trying to find our bracelets my daddy’s great a necklace me and my dad I do things together a shirt I’m with M and that’s my dad daddy rings.

  • avatar

    Spending quality time together is priceless! Love this. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

    • avatar

      Thanks for having me! Have a fabulous weekend ahead.

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