Why You Should Visit Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez

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Have you heard of the infamous Nikki Beach? Nikki Beach is a luxury beach club with locations in Miami Beach, Marbella, Dubai, St. Tropez and others. On a visit to Saint Tropez, I had the opportunity to visit the Nikki Beach there and was absolutely blown away.

I had heard of celebrity names like Jay Z, Leonardo DiCarprio, Paris Hilton, Shawn (P. Diddy) Combs mingled with Nikki Beach and it always seemed like a place for the “who’s who”.

I would say maybe it was around midday when we stopped by the “beach”. I should have known that something was drastically different about this place when I saw more than a few Maseratis, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Bugattis at the valet station.

If that didn’t give me a clue, the fact that there was what appeared to be a bouncers at the entryway may have given me the next clue as to what was coming next. When visionary founder and owner of Jack Penrod founded Nikki Beach, he really wanted a place where guests could come and enjoy great music, entertainment and fabulous food in the middle of the day.

So it’s no surprise that when you walk into to this adult wonderland, that’s exactly what you find.

Great Music

From the time you walk in, you can hear the sounds of the latest mainstream tunes being spun by the live DJ. This made the “beach” seem more like a club more than anything else. Only, Nikki Beach is not a nightclub. It’s actually a beach club… with a fancy restaurant inside… in a Vegas-like environment…. in beautiful Saint Tropez. More on that later.

There Are Large Champagne Glasses

At Nikki Beach, not only are there large standing champagne glasses but every once in a while, a woman gets in one of them and starts dancing. Say what? I thought that kind of stuff was only reserved for Vegas and nighttime. Nope. This is Nikki Beach.

It’s An All White Affair

So no one sent me the memo that the attire at Nikki Beach is an all white affair. OK, you really don’t have to wear all white but certainly all the servers wear white and most guests did. Just look at these photos. Obviously. I didn’t get the “all white” memo.

The Food is Delish

The food at Nikki Beach Saint Tropez is of the most delicious Mediterranean kind. Fresh and tasty. Every once in a while, big platters pass by with lobster, champagne and delectable bites. The people holding those trays of food are not bad to look at either.

Model Behavior

When noshing on lobster and sipping on bubbly champagne, it may be easy to get lost in the wonder of it all…but don’t. If you do, you may miss the fact that at any given moment, women are modeling the most beautiful garments and pieces. It’s a a great way to get you to visit the nearby shop.


Just when you thought that was all, Nikki Beach St. Tropez is filled with all sorts of surprises. I saw contortionists, stilt walkers, mimes and more. What’s even more fun is you don’t have to do a thing, the entertainment all comes to you. Now that’s my kind of good time.

In the department of f-u-n, there are a few things that one must have. Great food, fabulous music and amusing entertainment is at the top of the list.

And guess, what? Nikki Beach St. Tropez has it all.

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