Crispy skin salmon

Blue Duck Tavern at Park Hyatt in Washington, DC

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So if you learned anything from my recent Food Tastes post, then you should have learned that I love good food and I will look for any excuse to visit a good restaurant. My recent appearance on Let’s Talk Live was a great excuse to dine out and celebrate.

Blue Duck Tavern is located in Georgetown inside the Park Hyatt hotel in Washington, DC. The open kitchen concept upon entrance to the restaurant will make you question whether you’ve entered the restaurant the correct way. Apart from that, the food and polished staff make this place worth a visit. We began our dining experience with Charred Caesar Salad with poached eggs.

charred caesar salad blue duck tavern

My verdict on the salad is that is was a great concept but, there was way too much dressing for me. Maybe I should have asked for it on the side. I also found that the salad was too salty for my taste. I’m assuming that was due to the mountain of cheese on the top of the salad.

charred kale caesar salad with poached egg

So I ventured onto the adventurous side when I ordered this salad. Normally, I prefer my eggs more well cooked. But, don’t let me deter you from trying it. Like I said, the concept for the charred kale caesar salad is great. I am a big kale head anyway. I may give it another shot if I visited again and ask for less cheese and dressing on the side.

While there, I also dove into the Jumbo Crab Cakes with Crunchy Slaw.

jumbo crab cakes with crunchy slaw

It’s so silly of me to write about this on an empty stomach because my stomach is growling with anticipation. The crab cakes were surrounded by a horseradish broth which went really well with the crab cakes.

In case you’re wondering, my groom and I went out for quick lunch date by ourselves. I know…we ordered a lot of food. I promise it didn’t go to waste.

I also ordered the Wood Oven-Fired Wagyu beef, which was succulent and tender.

Wagyu beef

Roasted wild mushrooms…get those.

roasted wild mushrooms

À la carte Brussels sprouts were creamy and slightly acidic due to the mustard BBQ. It was quite a delightful contrast actually. The ham hocks really set if off in this dish.

brussels sprouts

And then there was the salmon. Oh my!

Crispy skin salmon

The salmon was so delicious. The skin was crispy served alongside escarole, and salsify. It’s really difficult to mystify me when it comes to food so, I was actually happy that Google had to help me figure out what escarole or salsify were. The former is related to endive but milder in flavor. Salsify on the otherhand, is a root vegetable related to the dandelion. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember what the salsify tasted like. But that salmon…that salmon will live on in my memory for a a very long time.

apple pie

And to top it off, we had Blue Duck’s version of apple pie. More like apple en croûte, with (of course) some vanilla ice cream on the side. I mean, if you are going to do it, you might as well do it all the way right? This was a sweet way to end a delicious meal. I will definitely be back.

Have you been to Blue Duck Tavern?


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