The Truth about Food

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Everyone doesn’t speak the truth when is comes to food. Depending on where you dine or when your food comes from it is all wrapped in secrets and lies. You know…where it came from, what’s in it and what it does to our bodies is not always open for discussion. So when I find something good I just have to share.

Truth Kitchen is opening on June 14th in Bethesda, Maryland and it’s a good thing.

True Food Kitchen in Bethesda

How do I know? I was fortunate enough to get in their family and friends night this past weekend and got a sneak peek of the cuisine a few days before opening.

The co-founder of Truth Food Kitchen is Dr. Andrew Weil a medical doctor also known as the guru of holistic and alternative medicine. Dr. Weils know is stuff.

From the time I sat down and saw the Dr. Weil’s ant-inflammatory food guide resting on every tabletop, I knew that I was home.

The menu at Truth Food Kitchen is based on fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, whole grains and lean protein.

Everything on the menu looks good but the charred cauliflower, kale guacamole, roasted chicken and gluten-free lasagna bolognese won out this time. I say this time, because I know that I’ll be back.

roasted chicken at true food kitchen

gluten free lasagna true food kitchen

Leaving room for dessert was a good idea. Gluten free key lime pie and flourless chocolate cake did not disappoint. The food at Truth Food kitchen was delicious.

It was clear to me that every ingredient was carefully selected and crafted not only to be delicious but quite the culinary affair.

The bustling wait staff wearing t-shirts with words like, “honest, truth and shine on” are more than knowledgeable about the ingredients and where they come from. I asked one server about about what the “lasagna” was made of and pleasantly surprised when the words yams and New York rolled off his town. Not only did he know what the lasagna shells were made from but he knew who the supplier was as well.

The open kitchen inside is evidence that Truth Kitchen has nothing to hide. Healthy living patrons will find comfort in vegan, organic and seasonal fare and meat eaters can get grass fed beef too in their tacos too.

True Food Kitchen is now in open in 11 states. And the truth is, not only should you love our mother but, it’s time you know the TRUTH about food.

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