Traveling with Young Kids? Here are Five Things to Take with You

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Mommy and daughter in the Poconos

As I have traveled with our little one over the years, I’ve had to adjust to let go of that carefree feeling that I use to get when I hopped on an airplane. Now I am constantly thinking about “potty breaks”, toddler friendly snacks and activities that will keep her busy. Since we travel several times a year, there are quite a few products that I’ve discovered along the way that make things easier on everyone.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

This carrier is lightweight and easy to use. I loved using it during travel because that way, we could pack lighter and not bring the stroller on the trip. Although there are times that you will want to take your stroller with you, take advantage of when your kids are young and you can carrier them around in a carrier. It is so much easier that way.

Travel Stroller Bag

If you do have to take your stroller with you, you won’t want to be without a stroller bag. Baggage handlers can be so unforgiving to luggage and strollers are no different. Your stroller will come back marred and dirty and may even get wet if it rains. So do yourself a favor and buy a stroller bag to keep it dry and clean.

Ride-On Luggage 

girl on ride on carry on

We used this Ride-On Carry Luggage on our recent trip to Jamaica and it was such a joy. Everyone kept asking,  “Where they could buy one, How they could get one, Who invented it?” The questions went on and on. My daughter loved being “driven” around the airport in her little seat and I loved that her small legs were not holding us back as we hurried from gate to gate.


No matter what type of headphones you get (Sony, Beats by Dr. Dre etc), make sure that they are not ear buds. They don’t suit small ears well. You should definitely believe me when I say that when traveling with a small child, in flight entertainment will be your friend. So you need to invest in a reliable pair of headphones for your Android, iPad etc.

Portable Potty Seat

If sitting on public toilet seat grosses you out (and it should) then a portable potty seat for your potty training toddler is the way to go. Especially when they are first learning to use the toilet, that toilet paper trick may not work to well. So, this is another option to keep those tiny “hineys” where they need to be.

*Bonus: Snacks

One thing that you definitely don’t want to forget when traveling with young children is kid friendly snacks.  You may think that you can just pick up snacks at the terminals at the airport…which you can. But, sometimes there are not always healthy or kid friendly options available. Not only that, if you are rushing between bathroom breaks and ticket counters you may not even have time to stop for a snack. No bueno. It’s always a good idea to pack a few snacks for yourself and the kids during travel. Believe me when I say, cranky, hungry little people don’t travel well at all. So do yourself a favor and pack some snacks to go! 

Do you travel with your kids? What items are your must-haves?

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