Bill’s Texas Pit: Texan BBQ in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

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If you are planning a trip to St. Thomas. then put this place on your radar. It’s called Bill’s Texas Pit or as locals say “Texas Pit”. Anytime I make a visit to St. Thomas, it’s usually one of our first stops.

Texas pit bbq food in st. thomas, virgin islands Bill Collins, a Texas native founded Texas Pit in 1983 longing for the flavors of home. Although Bill no longer lives in St. Thomas, his Texan roots and flavor live on through Texas Pit.

Texas pit bbq chicken in St. Thomas

Here’s what you can find on the menu. Barbecue chicken and ribs, beef brisket and just a few sides. You can select from potato salad, rice, cole slaw and all meals come with a white roll.

Texas Pit Ribs barbecue

What I get always depends on my mood that day but, I really like the chicken. It’s smokey, well seasoned and the sauce is a great combination of savory and sweet.

texas pit beef &chicken

But whatever you get, one thing is for certain…you will enjoy this.

You can get your piece of Texas in the Caribbean on the waterfront and other locations around St. Thomas. But, don’t say I didn’t warn you though. This stuff is good.

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    I LOVE St Thomas – it is gorgeous there. Not surprised at all that they have a BBQ place there. I was surprised at how similar it looked to any other American town, except for the beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes…historically American, uniquely Caribbean.

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    Saw your article, very nice, really nice pictures. A correction is needed………Bill still lives in St Thomas, he’s never lived anywhere else since he started Texas Pit. Bill’s a hard guy to catch up with, he travels all the time and plays a lot of golf.

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      I appreciate the correction Carl and thanks for reading. If you know him, will you pass the article on to him? Texas Pit is truly an island staple at this point. Now, I’m hungry.

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    Adrienne Gregory

    Hi Bill, it’s Adrienne Gregory ( family friend) Your ribs were great then and Im sure that’s still the case.
    May visit soon, just for the ribs!

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    Adrienne Gregory


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