10 Reasons to Visit the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore

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In the US, kids have quite a few choices when it comes to science centers. Be that as it may, only 10 of those science centers were rated top 10 in the country by Parents magazine and the Maryland Science Center was on that list. Whether you are on vacation or happen to live nearby, here are 10 reasons to take your children to the Maryland Science Center located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

10 Reasons to Visit the Maryland Science Center

  1. The Maryland Science Center was rated top 10 in the country. Who else is sucker for top 10 lists? Parents magazine has been a trusted resource for parents for almost 30 years. It’s probably safe to go with their recommendation.
  2. There is a five story IMAX theater. That’s reason enough to go all by itself.
  3. Kids Waterplay. It’s not the biggest water play area around but, the sound of water is enough to keep young kids happy and little hands splashing.
  4. water play Maryland Science Center

  5. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My family and I have visited the Maryland Science Center numerous times and their staff is quite helpful. Most importantly, they engage with the children and are available to answer questions.
  6. It’s interactive. Play is not only hands on but, interactive.
  7. playing at maryland science center

  8. Dress Up is Included. There are dress up accessories like hard hats, space suits and life vests sprinkled in different areas around the museum for lots of pretend play.
  9. You can “brown bag” your lunch. While you cannot eat in the main areas at the science center, there is small area available on the first floor for eating your lunch.
  10. Dinosaur excavation. I’ve met quite a few kids in my lifetime and at some point or another, they all go through a digging phase. It’s a good thing that the folks at the Maryland Science Center are well prepared.
  11. Downtown Baltimore. After your little people have played, digged and splashed their way around the Maryland Science Center, a quick left out the main doors will have you pondering your next move. Restaurants like Phillips Seafood and attractions like Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Baltimore Harbor cruises are not that far away.
  12. It’s always changing. There is a calendar of special events and exhibits at the Maryland Science Center all year round. The calendar has both kids and adult activities and programs and that always keeps things interesting

kids at inner harbor

It’s so much fun visiting kids museums and science centers during family travel. Those visits really help the trip come alive for kids.

Do you have a favorite science center? Where is it?

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