8 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Kitchen

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You know what I like? Finding cute and functional things for my kitchen. I mean, they don’t call the kitchen the “heart of the home” for nothing. And the truth is, when you cook as much as I do, you’ll find yourself spending lots of time in that space. Making sure that you surround yourself with beautiful as well as functional items, can lend more inspiration to cook healthy tasty meals. Here are 8 things you need in your kitchen.

So I’ve found some things that I’d like to share with you. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to clean the floors or a unique way to tell the temperature, these are the things you’ll want in your kitchen.

1. Robot vacuum: You’ll have a true Jetson’s moment with this robot cleaner. It’s the thing that you won’t realize you need until you get it and then you’ll wonder, where it’s been all your life. (now discounted)

2. Large Ice Cube Molds: The weather is heating up and large ice cubes help cool things down. These molds make homemade ice cubes easy to pop out and enjoy in your favorite drinks. Those ice cubes sit up nicely in drinks like this blueberry thyme lemonade.

3. Tea Kettle: Hot water for tea should not be made in the microwave. I’ll say it again, if you’re making hot water for tea you should not heat the water up in the microwave. It’s like working out and then eating a triple decker burger and chasing it with a chocolate malt right after. This kettle is chic and stylish and even comes with silicone mitt so that you don’t burn your hands. I have the black one but it comes in rose too.

4. Dinette Chairs: Have you ever seen pictures of an all white kitchen and thought, “That would never work in my house?” Well, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I have young children and never thought that I would have white chairs in my home. But, these chairs are modern, white and so easy to clean that it makes it worth it. With two young kids myself, trust me when I say that these chairs have been through some things. Surprisingly, they look just as good as the first day that I bought them two years ago.

5. Stainless Steal Mixing Bowls: Sleek stylish and oh so contemporary. Even comes with the lids to keep things covered too.

6. Galileo Glass Thermometer : A cute and sophisticated way to tell temperature. I became enamored with them on a recent trip.

7. Message Board with Letters: I love how it’s so easy to change our focus or put a different family message every month. And placing the board in a high traffic areas like the kitchen is perfect. Get the kids involved too. You’d be surprised what they come up with.

8. Food Hugger: You know those bits of produce (onions, peppers, etc.) left in the fridge that you put foil paper or plastic wrap that keeps falling off, these silicone huggers will keep your food fresher, longer.

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