31 Things Only Moms with Young Kids Can Understand

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I inadvertently sliced my finger with the knife as I tried to wash the few remaining dishes that were left from the previous night’s dinner. As I frantically searched around the house for a bandage, I realized that the only one available had Cookie Monster’s face splashed around the front. I quickly wrapped my finger and called her so I could wash the vomit from her coily locks before the doctor’s appointment. No two days are ever the same around here. But I love these little people with every ounce of my being.

Does this story sound familiar? Especially if you are a mom of young children, this may not be your story but, I’m pretty sure you have one like it. Find solace in knowing that you are not alone and other mom’s with young kids get it. They get you. Here are 30 things only a mom with young kids can understand.

kids with pumpkins

  1. Going to the grocery store without the kids feels like a night out
  2. You have to skip about four kids cd’s in the CD changer before you can get to any adult music
  3. The backseat of your car looks more like a mini toy store
  4. You wait until the kids go to sleep to break out the “good” snacks
  5. You’re not sure the last time you ate any meal while it was still hot
  6. Old childhood activities feel brand new again
  7. Things are warming up around here and looks like we may hit 80 degrees. Maybe it's time to break out the sidewalk chalk again. What's the temperature where you live? #fbf

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  8. You save telephone conversations for solo car commutes
  9. You don’t find referring to yourself in the third person as completely narcissistic. “Mommy will read you a story when she’s done”.
  10. Having an impromptu dance party seems totally normal
  11. Now this is a dance party! The little lady is busting some moves.

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  12. Kids activities and birthday parties have taken over your weekends
  13. The idea that your kids have been to the doctor’s office 8 times for the year and you haven’t had a check up in 3 years seems normal to you
  14. You do silly things and taste nasty stuff just to prove that’s it really is “OK”
  15. feeding the goats

  16. You sign up for otherwise boring conferences just so can have an excuse to have a hotel room by yourself
  17. It’s lunch time before you realize that you didn’t have any breakfast
  18. The idea of finding a reliable baby sitter is easily compared to winning the lottery
  19. You’ve stopped watching the news because you don’t want the kids to see the crazy world we live in
  20. You write down movie titles when they first come out so you can rent them on Netflix or Redbox later
  21. Cheering, clapping and high-fiving is a part of your everyday life
  22. You would stand in the rain just so your little one can meet their favorite furry character
  23. I call it big Abby meets little Abby. It was my favorite part of the trip. Read ten insider tips to maximize your stay @sesameplace #ontheblog. #familytravel #travel #instakids #fun

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  24. New friend compatibility weighs heavily on the gender and age of the other mom’s children
  25. You have perfectly toned arms considering you’ve been to the gym less times this year than you care to admit
  26. You get more work done during the two hours during nap time than you get done all day
  27. You are perfectly comfortable riding the Merry-go-round
  28. I had such a blast at @LegolandCalifornia last week. This picture proves that the Merry-Go-Round is not just for kids but, kids at heart. #tbt

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  29. You get a membership to the neighborhood gym because the idea of free child care is just too good to pass up
  30. It seems perfectly normal to sniff someone else’s backside
  31. Realizing that your kid has a sense of style actually makes you giddy
  32. A certain five year old dressed herself today. Fashionista in the making…I don't know. But she's feeling mighty proud. #kids #fashion

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  33. Cleaning someone else’s butt (only if you birthed them) doesn’t gross you out
  34. You cut yourself while doing the dishes and the only bandage you can find has a blue furry monster on it
  35. You know that you're a parent of young children when, you cut yourself while doing the dishes and the only bandage you can find has a big furry blue monster on it.

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  36. Whether a hotel has a kids club or a nanny service is more important than if they have a spa
  37. You plan your potty breaks and shower times so that you can go to the bathroom alone
  38. Whether it’s a weekday, weekend or holiday, the time you wake up is absolutely the same

Mom with Young Kids

Are you a mom or parent with young kids? Add to this list. What are some things you think that only parents with young kids can understand? I look forward to reading.

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