7 Reasons I’m Blending with BlendTec

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Are you looking for the best blender to make smoothies? I’m going to tell you not just what my favorite blender but, why I’ve used this blender 778 times to date to make delicious smoothies that are creamy, full-bodied and easy to make. This a real post from a real mom that also happens to be a lifestyle correspondent and recipe contributor. Needless to say with two young kids and a passion for food, our blender gets used a lot.

Here’s the thing, you know how some people have a dream car or house? I’ve had a dream blender for some time now. When, I finally got the blender a few weeks ago, courtesy of Blendtec and I get to tell you about it. So here are seven reasons I love blending with Blendtec.

blendtec725 blender

1) The Design

blendtec 725 programmable buttons

The Blendtec 725 is just beautiful. The sleek design has a stainless steel finish and fits in beautifully with our modern kitchen decor. If you’re short on storage, you won’t mind leaving this blender out.

2) Packaging

Blendtec boxes

Now let’s talk the packaging. It’s the kind that you just want to hang on to because it’s so well done. Actually I wanted to toss the box but a certain someone turned the boxes into their own version of homemade skates.

3) Online Rewards

I’m not sure about you but I look forward to the freebies and bonuses that my favorite retailers offer me when I shop. My first Blendtec reward came after I completed 10 blends on the new blender. Claim those rewards at the Blendtec.com for things like kitchen utensils, gift cards and more.

4) Cleaning Cycle

The Blendtec 725 blender has six pre-programmed custom cycles, one of which is a cleaning cycle. Here’s a video I posted on Facebook of the cleaning cycle in action.

5) Eight Year Warranty

The Blendtec is the kind of blender that can grow with your family. I wish I had it when I was blending all that baby food last year. Beyond baby food, I know I’ll be blending up lots more “deliciousness” in the near future. With an eight year warranty on the blender…I can do just that.

6) Great Recipes

There are lots of great recipes included with the blender in the package and online. Never one to back away from getting creative in the kitchen. Looking for blender recipe inspiration, try these smoothie recipes.

Strawberry Pineapple smoothie
Berry Banana Kale Smoothie
Green Sweet Peas Blueberry Skin Brightening Smoothie

I’ve making delicious smoothies, I’ve also used my BlendTec blender to make tasty soup recipes too.

Vegan Potato Leek Soup
Vegan Spiced Butternut Squash Soup
Immune Boosting Tomato and Red-Pepper Soup
Roasted Carrot and Ginger Soup

7) Looks Good on Camera

Let's Talk Live Dec600x400

I took the Blendtec with me to Let’s Talk Live DC and not only was it beautiful, but I didn’t have to worry about leaving the blender on for a long time to get the right consistency on the smoothie because the motor is so powerful. I’m one happy lady.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking more seriously about that dream car?

Take some time and check out the BlendTec.

Originally published on Feb 2015.
Updated June, 2019.

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