How to Boost Your Immunity Before Travel

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You’re headed on a trip and you’ve thought of everything you may need. Suitcase, cute clothes, fun activities…but you know what? None of those things matter if you’re not well or scared that you’ll get sick on the trip. Everyone talks about how to stay healthy and fit while traveling through diet and exercise but, how do you get ready for the trip? Here are some things that you can do to boost immunity before travel.

When it comes to health and wellness, one of the most frequent questions I get is, “How do I boost immune system before I travel?” I mean it makes sense. Being healthy is where it’s at. Don’t believe me? One bout of illness and you’ll appreciate it so much more. But, you don’t need to head to the doctor’s off to figure out how to boost your immunity. You can use whole foods, healthy habits and a few natural supplements to boost your immunity and avoid getting sick.

Getting sick while traveling sucks big time! You either have to find a doctor on call or you spend much of your time cooped up in your hotel room hoping that everything passes over quickly. Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally…from Bali to Buenos Aires , New York to Nantucket or Milan to Montserrat and everything else in between, these are the best ways to boost your immunity before your next trip.

Get Enough Sleep

During sleep, a type of white blood cell known as cytokines are produced which are needed for the function of the immune system. A lack of sleep leads to a decreased production of those cytokines and your body is more susceptible to illness and disease. Just how much sleep should you get? Adults should get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Children (especially younger ones), should get even more sleep.

Eat Fermented Foods

You may not know this but about 70% of your immunity lies in your gut (intestines). And because that is true, the balance of bacteria needs to be in balance. Fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir introduce to right type of bacteria into the gut to help people stay healthy.

Black Seed Oil

It’s been said that the only thing that black seed can’t cure is death. While that may a bit of an exaggeration, the truth is black seed oil may has been as far back ancient times and the seeds were in even found in King Tut tomb. When purchasing black seed oil, be sure to buy it cold-pressed.

Vitamin D

When it comes to vitamin D supplements, most people just think about calcium and bone health. However, a major role of vitamin D is immune function. I know…I know. You thought that vitamin C was the star. Decreased levels of vitamin D has been directly related to an increased risk of infection.

What’s the take home point? Make sure that you’re supplementing with vitamin D. Most people are way below the recommended levels. The amount you supplement with will depend on things like the amount in already in your bloodstream, where you live, time of year etc. Equally as important is make sure you buy vitamin D3.

If you don’t know what your vitamin D levels here, talk with your doctor and have your levels drawn.

Pau D’Arco

Pau D’ who? Pau D’ what? I know your wheels are spinning with this one. Chances are that you’ve never even heard of Pau D’Arco, so let tell you what it is. Pau D’Arco is an herbal supplement indigenous to South America.

Side note, I wish I knew about this herb on my trip to Argentina a few years ago year, I would have stocked up.

The most therapeutic part of Pau D’Arco is the inner bark. Pau D’Arco is known for it’s anti-fungal, anti-microbal and anti-cancer benefits. It also has a laundry list of ailments that proponents have credited Pau D’Arco for alleviating. I’ve had my own experience with Pau D’Arco and I can say this…it will always have a spot on my shelf.

I believe wholeheartedly that travel is good for your health. Now go out and be good to your body, so that travel can be good to you.

If you’re looking for other ways to make your health and wellness a priority, read 50 Winter Wellness Tips to Keep Healthy.

Original March 1, 2019 Updated May 29, 2021

Boost Your Immunity

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