12 Street Nashville Mural

Travel Eats: I Found Delicious Paleo Donuts in Nashville

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There are a few things that are true about me. I love to travel, I’m a health-nut and I’m always on the hunt for some good food. While you may think that it’s a odd combination, I’m always up for a challenge. For my birthday, my family took a trip to Nashville and noshed through several healthier food spots and came across Five Sister’s Bakery.

12 Street Nashville Mural

I had recently eaten at my favorite taco place and stumbled across Five Sisters Bakery on 12th Street South. Apparently there are locations in Atlanta, Georgia; Franklin, TN; and Florida.

Who knew?

Well I’m not writing to tell you about the oodles of sugary gluten varieties. While there my crew and I tried the Almond Joyfulness and Strawberries and creme…both Paleo flavors. Other flavors only available this month (May) are cold brew crunch, orange honey pistachio and chocolate chip.

“Paleo” means that these donut flavors contain no refined sugar, no dairy and no grain (wheat, oats, rice, barley, rye). How’s that for a no-guilt treat.

So of course we’ll be back.

If you want to see some of what I did on my recent trip to Nashville, check out my Instagram and Instagram stories.

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