baby clothes on couch

Getting Ready for Baby with Ziploc Space Bags

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baby clothes on couch
43 pieces of baby items & 3 baby hats

About 2 months remain till our new addition makes his debut. There are diapers to buy, small clothes to organize and plans to put into place. I know from experience that I can’t plan everything but that does not stop me from trying. One thing I am feeling pretty confident about though is baby clothes organization. I would say that Ziploc sent me a sample of their Ziploc Space bags just in the “nick of time”.

My friends and family have been more than generous by sending baby clothes and items to help get us ready for our new addition. Some of the items that we have been blessed to receive will not be used for many months or even years to come…to God be the glory! My only problem was, where do I put the stuff?

Enter SC Johnson’s Ziploc Space Bags…

baby clothes in spacebag

The storage bags are available in many convenient reusable sizes. I used the large bags to get my baby organization going. Each large bag can hold 10-12 sweaters (in my case, 43 baby clothes items including 3 hats)! Translate those numbers into baby and toddler clothing and you are talking about storing a lot of stuff! Just look at how this pile of baby/toddler clothes dwindles after I sucked the air out using our vacuum cleaner.

clothes in spacesaver bag

Amazing isn’t it?

I regret that we did not have these bags 2 years ago when our basement got flooded and I had “conveniently” stored many of our daughter’s baby clothes in simple plastic grocery bags. Smart, I know! Hindsight is 20/20. By the time we returned from a trip to London, many of her clothes were as moldy as can be. Oh well…when you know better you do better. Maybe on the next redesign of these bags, Ziploc should consider adding reuseable labels so that I can write down the content of each bag. I would have liked to write what size clothes baby clothes I put in there.


Try the Ziploc Space Bags on your own and see what you think.


Disclosure: I was given a box of space bags to facilitate this review. All opinions are always my 100% own.

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