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Vacationing at the Ritz Carlton, Rose Hall Jamaica (Now Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall)

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green seagrapes

Update: October 2013 Soon after this post was published is was brought to my attention that this resort is no longer open for business.

My family and I  recently returned from a little trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Blame it on the long winter or the fact the my pregnancy hormones are raging, but I really needed some sun. I am not sure if I can call this a “babymoon” because our toddler came with us. But regardless, it was a much-needed family vacay.

While there I had 2 agendas, relaxation and sun. I am happy to report that I checked both off of my list. Being a Caribbean gal myself, I feel the need to get closer to the equator at least a few times a year. It helps me recharge. We selected the Ritz Carlton for our vacay for no other reason but comfort and reliability, which we received. The beach on property though did leave me longing for clear blue waters and fluffy white sand. I would definitely recommend swim shoes if you plan to go because the beach terrain is somewhat rocky and there is seaweed to worry about.

girl playing with beach toys

But as you can see from the picture above, sand is not lacking. The Ritz Carlton Rose Hall has lots of beach toys for the kids to enjoy. Which is great because, who wants to pack all of this stuff in their suitcase anyway.

guest pool at ritz jamaica

If the pool area is more of “your thing”, don’t worry because Ritz Carlton, Jamaica has you covered. Nearby the pool is a restaurant called Mangos. While there, I ordered a plantain and beet sandwich. Odd I know,  but delicious nevertheless.

sandwich with plantains and beets

Since I am on my favorite topic of food, I should let you know that Horizons restaurant is the central hub for dining at the hotel. It is the only restaurant that offers breakfast,which happen to be a buffet. The buffet is quite diverse with Jamaican as well as American favorites. Even that being the case, my pregnant palate longed for a huge helping of ackee and saltfish (a Jamaican favorite), which I was told was only offered on Sundays.

Later that day, I casually spoke to an employee that inquired about my stay and I mentioned that I was craving ackee and saltfish. You would think that I grew up eating the stuff. I’ve only been to Jamaica a few times. Well guess what showed up at my breakfast table the next morning?

Jamaican breakast ackee and saltfish

You guessed it! A plate of ackee, saltfish, festival and fried plantain. Needless to say, I was in heaven. I am surprised that I even got to take this picture before gulping it all down. Actually, I am surprised that I did not have to fight the overly domesticated local birds for it.

black bird eating breakfast

You better not leave your breakfast unattended or there is going to be a fight. And the birds will probably win. But, they were still cute.

jamaican black bird

Although, my daughter would disagree on the whole cute part as she refused to sit in her own seat as a result of their presence so close by.

ladies in straw hats

But, at the end of it all it was a great trip! We got to eat some good food, get some sun and most importantly, I got to relax.

pregnant woman relaxing on beach

How about you? Have you ever been to Jamaica? Where do you stay?

Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated for this trip or post. It was just a great trip that I wanted to share with my readers.

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