10 Fun Things to Do in Wyoming

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Just returning from a trip to Wyoming and thought it would be fun share a few of the things we did. This is not a “top 10 list”of any sorts. Just a fun collection of ideas of things to keep in mind if you ever get the chance to go. So come and take the virtual trip with me will you?

things to do in Wyoming

  1. Try Some Huckleberry Pancakes

  2. huckleberry pancakes

    Tried these pancakes at the Pioneer Grill at Jackson Lake Lodge and they were so good.

  3. Spot Wildlife

  4. yellowstone park

    Even when you’re not looking for wild life it’s all around. So stay alert and keep your camera handy…and maybe even walk with some bear mace too.

  5. Pause for Wildlife Crossing

  6. Bison crossing

    I’m sure that you’ve seen deer and even squirrel cross the street before. Well, in Wyoming it just may be a 2,000 bison taking a stroll. True. It’ happens and they stop traffic.

  7. Visit Grand Teton National Park

  8. Grand Teton National Park

    There are quite a few National Parks in Wyoming. Grand Teton National Park is over 310,000 acres! I would say it’s worth a visit just because of that.

  9. Take Lots of Pictures

  10. mount signal in Wyoming

    There are beautiful mountains and scenery all around. As a matter of fact, as soon as you land in Jackson Hole Wyoming, you’ll want to start taking pictures right away. But whatever you do, please don’t take any pictures on the tarmac of the airport. That my friends will earn you some time with airport security.

  11. Head to the Summit

  12. signal mountain wyoming900x600

    There are so many mountains to choose from. You’ve just got to go!

  13. Sit by a Fire

  14. striped cardigan

    So, I’m not going to kid you. Wyoming was surely chilly in May. It even snowed. So depending on the time of year you go, sitting by a fire may be a good idea. If you want to get more details about my outfit above and how to dress in Wyoming, read this post.

  15. Try Something New

  16. elk jerky

    Whenever I go on a trip, I try to stretch my limits a bit and try something new. The trip to Wyoming was no different. I’d be kidding you if I told you that I tried elk jerky though. But, I did snap of a pic of this bag of elk jerky in the store.

  17. Visit Yellowstone Park

  18. walking in yellowstone national park

    If you can only pick one thing on this list to implement, then it has to be this….make a visit to Yellowstone National Park. Of course Yellowstone Park is so huge that it encompasses Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. So if you are in any those three states Yellowstone Park is definitely a go!

  19. Take Some Time to Reflect and Relax

  20. girl looking for wildlife

There is no better place to reflect and relax than to have the beauty of mother nature all around you. Mountains, geysers, waterfalls, wildlife…it’s all there. Not to mention, some hotels/cabins don’t have guest tv’s and phone service may be sketchy especially when visiting the National Parks.

So take this time to unplug like never before. Reflect. Relax. Rejuvenate.

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