Local Tips to Maximize Your Stay to the US Virgin Islands + Video

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I love getting back to island living. It really doesn’t matter if I am visiting the Caribbean or somewhere in Asia, just sign me up. The best trips I’ve taken are the ones where I get insider tips from the locals before or during my stay. It’s like having a cool backstage pass that you can only get, if you know somebody that knows somebody.
Well, that’s what I’m going to do for you. Here are the best tips on how visitors can maximize their stay to the Virgin Islands. Be sure to check out the video as well!

downtown christiansted st. croix

Drive on Left

Yes, the US Virgin Islands (as the name indicates), are an American territory. US currency is used, english is spoken but there’s just one little caveat…motorists drive on the left. Whenever I go back to visit, I typically wear something (usually something colorful) on my left wrist, that reminds me of the switch and you should have a reminder too.

Try the Local Cuisine

If you are going to experience a destination for what it is then, you just have to try some local cuisine. I have way too many favorites but if I could just pick a few, I would recommend trying saltfish, johnny cakes, local seafood like ole wife fish and the Caribbean lobster.

Be on the look out for local fruits like mangoes, tamarind, coconut, guava, sugar apple and soursop if in season. If you want a good local breakfast, then check out the Delly Deck. Although not “Caribbean food”, Texas Pit has several locations that you can go for big and tasty barbecue flavor.

Look Out for Local Wildlife

Colorful birds and fish are just some of the beautiful animals that you’ll see while on your trip to the Virgin Islands. On land, look out for iguanas and mongoose. Be quick with the camera if you plan on getting some good pictures.

Familiarize Yourself with Local Customs

The big take away here, is islanders great everyone with a warm and friendly greeting of “Good morning!”, Good afternoon!” and “Good evening!”, depending on the time of day. This was the biggest adjustment for me when I left the Virgin Islands. In the Northeast, greeting a stranger that way is often met with a blank stare or no acknowledgement at all.

But take it from me, using a little bit of island charm can take you a long way.

Always Be Beach Ready

There are several beautiful beaches in the Virgin Islands, so come prepared. My favorites are Coki Point on St. Thomas, Trunk Bay in St. John and Chenay Beach in St. Croix.

Be sure to check out my video on YouTube for even more island flavor.

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    Sandra Foyt

    As someone who grew up on St. Thomas, and returns regularly, I can say that you’ve nailed it. Great tips! Although my favorite St. Thomas beach is Lindquist.

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      I haven’t gone to Lindquist beach in years. Maybe, it’s time for another visit.

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