dad and son on scooter

Sweet Summertime Moments with Dad

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Our kids are still young (1 and 5), but somehow I think they already know that dad is pretty awesome. It’s the only logical explanation from their perspective. To tell you the truth, once summertime rolls around, that “awesomeness”, goes into over drive. We try to do a pretty good job of letting him know that he is appreciated. But, Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to share that love in overdrive. Here are some sweet summertime moments with dad.

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Scooter Games

dad on scooter

As the executive director of recreational activities, d-a-d is a whole lot of fun. That means there is often fun around every corner. Never one to let work get in the way of some scooter games either…hanging with dad means f-u-n.

dad and son on scooter

Shoes & Such

day ties shoes for daughter

Dad is a hero. He rushes to the rescue at a moment’s notice. An untied shoe lace would never come between his kids and some summer fun.  Backyard summertime snuggles are always the best.

father child snuggles

personalized coke bottle

Backyard Barbecues

dad on barbecue grill

Summer memories with dad would be incomplete without backyard barbecues. Add a few friends…

waterballons with friends

a water slide…

backyard slide

and some great food…

BBQ food Collage

and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a great time.

custom coke bottles with names

I love that Coca-Cola now has the option to customize Coke bottles and products for those special occasions in our lives with Share a Coke.


Not only is Share a Coke back but, this time they are featuring more names than ever before.

shareacoke bottles

Actually, isn’t that what Father’s Day is about? Making dad feel special? Get your customized bottles at and make all your summer celebrations even more special.

How do you celebrate your shareable moments?


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