How to Make Groceries Last (Video entry)

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People spend so much time prepping, clipping before even shopping for groceries. Don’t you wish that there were some tips to make your groceries last longer after grocery shopping? There are.

(If you can’t see the video above, you may have to view it on your computer or go directly to my Youtube channel instead:

In this video, I talk about 4 tips to make your groceries last.  For all seven tips on how to make your groceries last longer visit my guest post on 5 minutes for mom.

Open fridge

If you are in a hurry. Read the points below. But, this video is loaded with a bunch of extra tips and tricks because it’s hard for me to stop talking once I start talking about grocery shopping.

  • Use bag clips
  • Store Food In Freezer Bags
  • Wrap Produce in Paper Towels
  • Use Your Leftovers
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    Erica – Let Why Lead

    You were right! It was so fun putting a face and voice to the words and ideas I read here. As expected, you are adorable! And so is your subtle accent!

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      What accent?!? Just kidding. 🙂 Thanks Erica.

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    Mel {MamaBuzz}

    I am going to start wrapping my produce in paper towels. And we really need to get a juicer so we can use up fruits and veggies before they go bad. I’ve never thought about juicing them, but that is a great idea. Great tips!

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      Juicing is so much fun and so easily customized. The kids would enjoy it.

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    Great tips, thanks for sharing….now how to get hubby and the boys to eat leftovers!!!

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      Reinventing the leftovers versus serving them “as is” would definitely make things more appealing. Like using leftover baked potatoes in a baked potato, broccoli and cheddar soup for example. Sometimes a creative spin can make all the difference.

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